Your Wallet May Decide How You Attract Money

No matter how much we say money is not everything, we tend to realize its value at some point in our lives. People who support their families understand this better.  But making wealth from the scratch is not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs focus, commitment and an urge to save, and protect it. This is not always engraved in personalities.  Thus, for centuries, people have been hunting for supplementary methods to not just find love, but also make money. One of the most talked about among them is law of attraction. Online, there are multiple sites that speak of how to use it for wealth.  They often ask us to simply imagine ourselves as rich. From my experience I can say that imagination does work as long as it is given a “beginning”.  That is, we need to imagine how we are starting and reaching the mission.  And of course, when opportunity comes in real life, we must take action. But what if we are truly bad in fantasizing? Can any other method work? This is what we will discuss here.  Just imagination is usually not enough to make law of attraction work. All our senses must be devoted to it. For many, this is not possible for which probably this other method turn helpful.

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Guide to Venus in Aries Men and Women

Mars is the planet of war and impulsive actions. Fire element is no different. It represents living in the moment, ferocity and zest for life. Both of them represent the essence of Aries. Hence, Venus the planet of love, entering this sign has to make a point to compromise with them. This is not effortless. The carriers of Venus in Aries, thus, are forced to feel the heat in their love and relationships.

Friendship is never a problem. Venus in Aries is cheerful, funny and knows how to party. The position is used to being around people. Consequently, the carriers will never have to worry about making friends. 

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Guide to Venus in Pisces Men and Women

pisces venus
Venus in Pisces are said to often get entangled in doomed relationships. Stereotypically, all of them live in illussion, thinking of a bad partner as the as the most beautiful thing in the world. However, this is not completely true. Normally, the sign of Pisces is highly psychic in nature. In the same way, anyone with Venus in Pisces has a tendency to dig into the mental activities of their lover. So if we believe that in love these people are foolish then we will be only fooling ourselves. Sure some of them fall under the trap. The men especially tend to be more careful than the women. Both the groups are discussed separately below. One important fact that must be noted by parents is that these people are highly mutable. In love and within a good family, they are highly tolerant, understanding and forgiving. When guided accurately with care, they turn out to be more successful in career and relationship than their peers.

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Guide to Venus in Aquarius Men and Women

Ruled by Uranus and air element, Aquarius is all about bewilderment, verbal communication, universal friendship, erratic movements, and freedom. Venus is the planet of love. The marriage of Aquarius and this planet, therefore, creates a lover who wants a relationship dotted with all kinds of excitements. In love, they do not want the same romance every day, for in their mind, predictability is a big turn off. Aquarian heart tends to have scattered desires. As a result, it’s common for the carriers to have crushes here and there.  It is something they cannot help. But if they are in a serious relationship and value the partner immensely, they will keep their desires under control. It’s simply because of the sign’s fixed nature. The woman tends to feel it more often. The reasons are discussed her section below.

Universal brotherly love in their mind always prevails. Never be surprised to see them actively participating in nonprofit organization to help the poor.  Additionally, for being very open, these people tend to have friends from all walks of life. But romantically, the men and women are fairly different. They do not have the same attraction and needs in love.
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Guide to Venus in Capricorn Men and Women

The meeting of Venus and Capricorn is all about the practicality and seriousness. It sees chasing the unknown absurd and waste of precious time. Yet do not think that Venus in Capricorn does not take risk at all. Capricorn is an earthly cardinal sign and that makes it a smart initiator. What this means is that they take risks in familiar environment and that is also only if they promise something of value.

This Venus sign longs for lifelong friendship, but mainly with serious types. It usually has very less tolerance towards aggressive, irresponsible and carefree people. Still its earthly nature does not mind giving them a chance. In love, the men and women have different tastes. Thus, their love styles are provided here separately.

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Why People Cheat: Explainations from Different Fields

Modern day love relationships are portrayed as more secular in nature. All adult men and women have freedom to choose partners for marriage. No more the consent of parents or elderly people of the town makes any difference in our decisions.We are in full bloom to go through as many mates as possible until we find the right person to settle with. This is often frowned upon and tagged as the distorted version of a good fairy tale. Truth to be told, we are more conservative about relationships than our ancestors. Few centuries ago, in many countries, men could openly keep multiple wives and mistresses. In today’s time, this arrangement still exists but in lower rate. Polygamous mentality is something we hardly accept. Anyone carrying it is now known as cheater, the bad apple we feel more comfortable to toss aside. We want those who can love us monogamously. That is the essence of true love in our mind for which we now do not hesitate to wonder as to why people cheat. Experts from several fields have tried to find the true reasons utilizing research and studies.  Here we take a look them:

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Relationship Compatibility Through Astrological Elements

The compatibility of elements by far is the most overlooked aspect in astrology. Quite comfortably we look into which sign gets along with which one, but never take time to understand how their fate depends largely on the elements.  Yes, they can make or break a relationship because in nature, they either work in harmony or clash, leaving astrological signs either lovers or enemies.  Before we can in details about it have a look at the elements and signs that fall under each.

The Enemies

Do you ever wonder why water to put out fire? It is simple chemistry. In order to stay alive, fire needs heat, oxygen and fuel. Water gets rid of the heat and that puts out the fire. Astrologically, this means that water signs tend to take away the excitement from the fire signs. Consequently, the two groups usually have trouble getting along with each other.

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The Fool Card in Love and Relationships

During a beautiful day, a man is travelling with his dog to enjoy his life to the fullest without caring about the fact that he is almost near the edge of the hill.

Most of the time, the person from this card is interpreted as too naive by tarot card readers. One of the main reasons behind this is the fact that it is given the number zero which can be taken as the beginning of a baby’s life. He is new to the world which makes him curious, yet happy because he is not aware of the real world responsibilities, stress and cruelty. A sad point to be noted is that he knows nothing about how things operate. Thus, he can have a tendency to  land into a few troubles as depicted by the edge of the hill. That is why, many tarot readers often take the Fool card as a negative. But in reality, that is not true in all situations.

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