Eight of Swords in Love and Relationships

Description: You feel obstructed.

Many different meanings are attached to Eight of Swords tarot card. If you have just started a relationship with a new lover then appearance of this card upright in your reading implies that you do not know what to expect out of him or the relationship. That is, you are being indecisive or totally confused. Similarly, Eight of Swords can represent a person who is commitment phobic. You can chase him as much as you want, but he will never commit to you. This woman in the card is you. He is making sure that you are being restricted.

However, if you are the type of person who likes to lead a relationship then Eight of Swords basically says that you are limiting your partner’s power. He is not getting a chance to say anything because of your controlling behavior. This puts him in a frustrating situation because he feels that he simply has no other choices left except for being your slave.

Eight of Swords can also appear for a person who is getting cheated and fooled in the relationship. The point to be noted is that he does not know that his lover is really doing such crimes against him. In fact, he is getting manipulated by her to believe that everything is fine in the relationship. So he does not feel suspicious about her. It is also possible that the man himself is unfaithful and she has no idea about it.

For feelings, Eight of Swords is both negative and positive. Much depends on the surrounding cards.
Most often, it means that your love interest is not ready to have any feelings for you at all. This tarot card also points out that a date you want from a specific person will not see the daylight. But what happens when you see this card in a positive reading? In this situation, the man wants to do anything to make sure that you are in his life.

Reversed Eight of Swords shows a relationship that has finally started going towards a progress. But do not get too excited about it. The tarot card in reversed position implies that you and your lover can now see what this relationship is all about. So if it is negative in nature its progress will be discontinued through a breakup. The card also signals that cheating of a bad partner will be caught. Conversely, in a positive situation, the relationship will be continued. In other words, the lover will see the true nature of his mate. Meanwhile, for feelings, reversed Eight of Swords implies that your love interest will take a notice of you.


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