Nine of Pentacles in Love and Relationships

Description: Indulging in earthly pleasures.


Nine of Pentacles shows a woman with a bird in a garden that does not only have fruits, but also coins. She also seems to have dressed up really well. All this implies that she has everything she could ever ask for. In other words, she has money, foods, luxury and secure environment. Yet she is missing one thing in her life which is love. So upright Nine of Pentacles is linked to all those relationships where total commitment does not exist. As a matter of fact, they are based on friendships. Once, a woman came to me for a relationship tarot reading. She was dating someone new. She just thought that she had a potential to start a relationship with this man.

For the outcome, I received Nine of Pentacles for her which allowed me to believe that the man would stay in her life, but he would not give her the kind of love she was looking for. Few weeks later, she told me that the man really liked her and even took her to his mother’s house. So in her mind she thought they had become boyfriend and girlfriend. But it soon crushed into pieces when he mentioned to her that he told his mother and friends that he was only friends with her. She confronted him about it. The result was that he managed to calmed her down by saying that he had no plan of getting out of her life because he grew feelings for her, but at the same time he was not ready to have a relationship with anyone at all. Unfortunately, she was so weak about him that she could not reject him and every time he invited her to go to parties she did not hesitate to accept it. What do you think happened here? She had him which equaled to security. She was going to parties with him which for her was enjoyment and a life of luxury. But at the same time, she was missing the title, girlfriend. This is what the Nine of Pentacles is all about and because of this, its best keyword is “something is missing”.

Meanwhile, freedom is a term that is often linked to number nine. Connect it to the tarot card and you will find a relationship where both the lovers are too carefree about each other. The card is also linked to the defeat of will power. So it is possible to say that it describes a relationship where the two lovers do not share a traditional bond of a man and woman. One of them can be sad about it, yet they are ready to just go with the flow.

Feeling-wise, Nine of Pentacles is not the best card. Recall the man from the story above. He liked her, but instead of having a relationship with her, he wanted her just as a friend. Focus on this and you will know how your love interest feels about you. In an upfront way, he can have a certain amount of affection for you, but he would like to keep you just as his friend.

Reversed Nine of Pentacles shows a time when the feeling of not being loved goes to an extreme level. No fake security and party can keep the unconventional relationship going. The time has come when no matter what consequence appears the couple must have a talk about the future. For feelings, in reversed position, Nine of Pentacles emphasizes a mistake made. In other words, your love interest feels that you are not what you appear to him and others. So his affection for you is fading. If you are married, take the card seriously because it means divorce or widowhood.


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