Ten of Pentacles in Love and Relationships

Description: A happy and secure time.


Ten of Pentacles shows a woman staring at a man in a satisfied manner. Meanwhile, both of them are surrounded with ten coins, two dogs, a child and an old man. All this can be taken as a very good omen for a relationship. Just take a look at the indirect terms associated with all that is described earlier.

· Man and woman staring at each other- Attraction

· Ten coins- Wealth

· Two Dogs- Strong guards

· Child- What every couple wants in the end

· Old man- Wisdom

For a relationship, such terms represent a wise investment because they are linked to love, happiness, security, vision about the future and thoughtfulness. In other words, they show that the two people are together because they just know that they are fit for each other. Another meaning associated with the card is growing bond. This can be used for a relationship which is reaching the maturity stage. But the good news is that although the honeymoon period is over the two lovers do not hesitate to dream about having a future together. Consider yourself lucky if you receive this tarot card for your relationship.

Now for feelings, Ten of Pentacles talks of feeling whole. The love is not the only thing that is strong here, but also the sense of belonging. Overall, the card represents feelings that just seem very permanent in nature.

Reversed Ten of Pentacles shows the coins, dogs, child, old man and even the man, and woman slipping away. This implies that the love, happiness, security, and thoughtfulness will not be achieved in the relationship. Another meaning of it is sad time. For a relationship, this does not imply an argument, but poverty of some kind which makes the couple struggle insanely.

In the cases related to feelings, reversed Ten of Pentacles is negative in nature, but not completely in a bad way. This is because it emphasizes that the love is still there, but the ability to act on it has disappeared due to a numbness of the mind or bad situations.


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