Star Card in Love and Relationships

Description: The light you wish to have in life is above you.

Upright Star tarot card is linked to hope. Same can be told for love and relationship issues, but for feelings the meaning of it is even more beautiful. So what should you think if your lover sees you as the Star tarot card? To answer this question, we have to look at the pictorial depiction of the card. What is the first thing in the picture that grabs your attention? A naked female pouring water in the pond under the starry sky. Let us now analyze it in details. The nakedness of the woman out in the open explains that she is just like a new born baby who is completely free of all sins. Meanwhile, the light being poured over her from the bright star implies that she is visible to the eyes. Now the most important element in the picture is the water that she is pouring in the pond. Generally, water itself represents emotions.

Put all this in one bucket and you will easily understand what your love interest thinks of you. To him, you are an innocent creature who has pure love through which you would fill up his heart with joy and happiness. He finds you soothing and he knows that you will always be there for him. In short, he is optimistic that when things will go wrong in his life you will stand by him. Think of yourself like the light at the end of his tunnel.

Star also represents long distance. He wants to touch you, but you are too far away. He is wishing for you to be near him.

For relationship issues, the upright Star tarot card signals that your path now has light and it is time for you to follow it. In details, this tarot card emphasizes that there is a great future in the relationship. All you need to do is keep your intentions good and move forward with your partner. Do not take it like a joke. You will be very lucky if you take advantage of what it shows. Don't want to confuse you with such a short line. The real meaning of what the card is saying is that you need to do everything correct in your relationship or after a breakup. When someone has a good advice for you listen to it. If your partner has cancelled a date instead of exploding, respect his decision. In the same way, if you have just broken up and this card shows up in your reading, then rest assured there is something good coming your future. I would still warn you against that entire hope theme surrounding this card in a "mainstream" way. Preciously, I made the mistake of taking it for granted and often thought that after a breakup this card signaled hope for the couple to reconcile. However, I was proven wrong. The card actually meant that the breakup happened to bring my client into light. In other words, it allowed them to seek more meaningful relationship. So the main theme of the Star is "You aren't going to be lost in the darkness".

When the Star tarot card appears in reversed position its meaning becomes opposite of what we have discussed above. That is, your lover will see you with a sigh because to him, now you are someone who is too hard to stand. In a relationship situation, the frustration can be so overwhelming that you might just want to cry and stay very negative about your partner. At the same time, you will also have the feeling that your relationship basically has no future. The light that you want the most is not near you. Everything has become dark.


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