Moon Card in Love and Relationships

Your intuition is speaking

The Moon tarot card is very interesting in nature. If you closely look at the pictorial depiction of this card you will notice that a lobster that just got out of the water is on the verge of following a path set by the light of the full moon. Meanwhile, there is a dog and a wolf howling. Now the path shown by the light in the middle of the night and the two animals represent your psychic ability. It is even made firmer by the tarot card number eighteen whose real meaning is advice. In love and relationship readings, therefore, the appearance of the upright Moon tarot card tells you that your sixth sense is working. What you are feeling is true. So if your lover is cheating on you and in your head you feel that something is amiss in your relationship then trust it. The Moon tarot card is telling you of the deception that is going behind your back.

Let us now analyze what Moon tarot card says about feelings. Did you know that in reality dogs and wolves howl a lot during the full moon night? This comes from the fact that during a full moon night the whole location where they reside becomes visible and thus hunting becomes easy. But again, with this comes danger. What if they get attacked by other animals? So for dogs and wolves, the howling acts as a calling signal whose multiple howling replies from their groups give them assurance that they are not alone in the territory. In the same way, the appearance of the Moon tarot card upright tells that you strongly love your partner, yet there is deep insecurity inside your mind. Your weakness is coming to the surface. Sometimes this can be so overwhelming that you feel that you would die without your partner. Expect some tears or floating experiences during this time. But do not worry! They have nothing to do with negativity. It is just your love working inside your body.

In reversed position, the Moon tarot card often is said to be very negative! But I have to say that in readings I have done, the appearance of the Moon tarot card in reversed position signaled realistic view of the situation. For instance, a woman I read for had a cheating boyfriend. When he was finally caught, for her, the Moon came reversed in the reading. What this meant for her? It meant that she was able to get a glimpse of his real character and thus her opinion about him changed. Apparently, many tarot card readers like to say that reversed Moon represents a psycho. I would like to mention here that it should not be taken for granted. The main keyword for the reversed Moon is truth. Now we all react differently to the bitter or positive truth of our relationships. While some of us go in a state of shock, others lose interest in the partners. Overall, how we behave after hearing or seeing the truth is really up to our own personalities.


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