Sun Card in Love and Relationships

Everything is positive.

Just like the Lovers, the Sun tarot upright expresses great love and that is also in a powerful way. However, it is linked more to the psychology. Simply put, your lover has strong love in his heart for you. But only the surrounding tarot cards will figure out if he will take action to show it to you. Meanwhile, in relationship situations, the appearance of the Sun tarot card does not only mean happiness, but also fading of misunderstanding between the two lovers. In an outcome position, it also says your road is clear and thus you will have a smooth relationship.

Now previously we mentioned that the Sun tarot shows fading of misunderstanding. You really need to concentrate on that if you are looking at relationship issues. For instance, if you have doubts about the personality of your lover’s personality the arrival of the Sun tarot in the relationship reading tells that your these doubts will be clarified. That is, the true personality of your lover will become completely visible to you. It does prove that this tarot card is somewhat like the Moon tarot card. However, there is really no psychic ability associated with the Sun. What this means is that you will be able to understand your lover in a practical way. It is just that his way of doing things will be noticed by you and basically this is how you will come to a conclusion about his personality.

In reversed position, the Sun represents low energy. Yes, your lover still loves you, but it is not in a very strong way. In the same way, for a relationship situation, the reversed Sun tarot card signals an average experience. Yes, you are with someone, but you are not as happy as you expected. The Sun tarot card is very strong in power. Consequently, in reversed position, it is not always bad.


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