Judgement Card in Love and Relationships

Description: Time to criticize and gain a verdict from it.

The Judgment tarot card is linked to judgment of all kinds. Same needs to be told when it appears for love and relationship situations. In other words, the person in question is weighing or pros and cons of his relationship with you. Then at the end, he will mostly pick the cons to reflect on more! It is also possible for these cons to be brought up to the surface if you give your lover a chance to speak up about what turns him off about the relationship. So what would the Judgment card make him say? Anything is possible, but some of the lines you can expect are “I was hurt when you cancelled the trip”, “You do not give me enough time”, “I do not like how our relationship is going” and so on. In return of this, he might ask for an answer or negotiation. After that how things will be in the relationship will be completely up to you. If you do not like what he said you might simply see yourself defending your position. Otherwise, you might bring to the surface things you do not like about him or her. So the Judgment tarot card is also linked to the war of words time.

Yet no matter how much bad you two think of each other, a final cleansing will be done to the relationship. That is, a compromise of some kind will be made. So the keywords to remember for this tarot cards are being judgmental and giving rise to the climax in the relationship.

In reversed position, the Judgment tarot card represents running away from one’s true feeling. Yes, it is possible for him to know deep down inside that his relationship is not going in the right direction, but he is just avoiding listening to his thoughts. So he is fine with a controlling girlfriend or abusive relationship. In short, the man has poor judgment and thus he cannot really understand what is good and bad for himself.  The reversed Judgment card also emphasizes a time when the verdict in the love department is not gained.


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