World Card in Love and Relationships

Description: Happiness and freedom at last.

The World is similar to Wheel of fortune tarot card. Only difference is that whatever is going to happen with you will be right before your eyes. There are basically no surprises here. That is why, it is possible to say that the World tarot card upright sums up all the great feelings you have about your lover and the relationship. The love feels just fine and there is a good amount of gratification you have in the relationship. For date sessions, the appearance of this tarot card signals accomplishments. So you basically have nothing to worry about.

Apparently, a keyword associated with the World tarot card is coming together. Now if you put this in a relationship situation you will find the word commitment coming in your mind. So it is possible to say that this card also signals a successful commitment that you have been longing to get from a lover.

In other relationship situations, the World tarot card signifies an end to all cruelty and beginning of a time when all misunderstandings have faded. In details, the tarot card that comes before this one is Judgment. As you know, that specific tarot card heralds bringing up of all criticisms about the relationship to the table.  The World tarot card marks an end to those criticisms. Overall, it says that after the cleansing you and your lover have come to a satisfactory negotiation which takes the relationship to a new height.

Additionally, if you have already broken up with the person the appearance of the World tarot card implies that you are finally ready to meet new people and get into a relationship because you no longer hold emotional baggage of the past. That is, you are free to be yourself!

In reversed position, the World tarot card talks of bumps and bruises in the relationship. Thus it signals a certain amount of boredom and disappointment. The feeling can be so tiring that you might simply think that your relationship is going in circle and the road to a happy future looks longer than you have expected. It also signals a low self esteem. You feel that you are not good enough for anyone and thus it is better for you to not meet new people.


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