Eight of Pentacles in Love and Relationships

Descriptions: Getting to work.

Just like the Emperor tarot card, Eight of Pentacles reflects “here I am” effect. Meanwhile, the number eight attached to the card emphasizes will power. That is why, a lover represented by this tarot card can be taken as tolerant and hard working. To be clear, no matter what happens to you, he will stay by your side because he is willing to keep the relationship going.

Another keyword that goes best with Eight of Pentacles is “building something of value”. In a relationship situation, this can mean creating security, love, friendship and even negotiating to keep things running, and peaceful. So it is possible to say that getting the Eight of Pentacles in a relationship reading is like a blessing for a couple. The card usually appears in readings associated with relationship disagreements. Its job is to tell the couple that they will be able to move on from the bad situation.

Similarly, for feelings, Eight of Pentacles is a good omen. This is because the card reflects that the man in question does not only like you, but also has greater romantic feelings for you. He is not confused about any of it at all.

Reversed Eight of Pentacles works as a stop sign. For a relationship, this can be interpreted as an obstacle. Also it can show a break between the two lovers.

The partner described by this card is someone who lacks direction and seriousness about relationships. It is also possible to call him lazy, because he is not interested in thinking about the future of the relationship. He is not ready to be with you when you need him the most. Same theme applies to feelings of the love interest. That is, he is not interested in you.


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