Six of Swords in Love and Relationships

Description: You are heading for a new environment.

Six of Swords upright talks of new, but slow development. Now in a relationship situation, if the two lovers are seeing too much predictability between each other then the appearance of Six of Swords in their reading implies that they are going to come together to  try something new to make things interesting for themselves. However, here only the plans are put into action. The real outcome might be known only if the lovers reach the port as pointed out in the tarot card.

Additionally, in a reading done after a breakup, the arrival of Six of Swords can be seen as a good sign, for it now portrays the healing process. In the same way, for readings related to what is next after an argument, Six of Swords can come off as a sigh of relief. The two lovers have had enough of the arguments. So they are now ready to create peace in their relationship by moving towards a happy ground together.

Interestingly, the meaning of Six of Swords is completely different for questions related to feelings. Yes, this tarot card does say that your love interest likes you, but he might not make a move on you unless he is one hundred percent sure that he will have a happy future with you. According to my past readings,Six of Swords works very silently in a person. In fact, it represents someone who basically does not impulsively discuss a relationship or who he likes. He is the type of person who likes to watch his love interest from a distance, and then think harder to find out whether she has the potential to be his girlfriend. Unfortunately, most often my readings revealed to me that such a person went through too much confusion and alertness when choosing a mate. In the end, he ran out of time to give his final verdict while his potential love interest chartered new waters. In short, it can be quite difficult to wait for a person represented by the Six of Swords. He just has issues which do not let him act on his true feelings.

Reversed Six of Swords shows a block in the new development. In a relationship situation, the two lovers now do not think of creating anything that changes their usual routine. In case of arguments, they just feel more wrath. So a peaceful time does not come in the future for them. For feelings, the reversed Six of Swords points out that your love interest has simply cancelled thinking about you. His feelings for you are now totally gone.


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