Seven of Swords in Love and Relationships

Description: Something is happening behind your back.

Upright Seven of Swords can be taken as complicated in what it wants to say. But the truth is that if your question for the reading is very specific then the card will show you the real meaning or outcome of the situation. Apparently, the right keywords for upright Seven of Swords are ignoring and deceit. Is your partner trying to elude a confrontation coming from you? If your answer is yes then he is displaying Seven of Swords personality.  Now is he showing a disinterest in committing fully to you in a relationship?  If yes then he is once again carrying the personality of this card.

The keyword deceit, however, can occur in many ways. Some good examples can be cheating and fooling. When a man, despite having a relationship, flirts with other women on Facebook or at any other place he becomes the thief that you will see in Seven of Swords tarot card, for by taking such steps, he is deceiving his partner. What happens when you confront this man about his cheating behavior? Does he not try to defend himself by saying he could never do such a thing? Unfortunately, this defending behavior he is using equals to lying to get away with his crime and this again implies that he is the Seven of Swords.

An interesting point to note is that sometimes this tarot card can totally signal an issue that is bothering you in the relationship and not the other way around. For instance, if you feel deeply insecure with your partner you will certainly think that he is cheating on you. You might even go one step farther by hacking into his email account to check whether other women email him or not. Otherwise, you might go for some other means. But after a lot of spying, you come to know that he has been actually faithful to you. As a result, you feel that you have just wasted your time thinking useless things about him and basically this is where you have shown that you have been under the spell of Seven of Swords. How? Because you have fooled yourself into believing something that is not correct about your partner. Overall, Seven of Swords in the relationship can be either you or your partner.

So it is possible to say that a relationship represented by the Seven of Swords can go through some serious issues. In details, the two lovers in it are not on the same page. Perhaps, one of them is commitment phobic or has a problem in being honest. Whatever the problem is, one thing is certain and that is, the lovers, even after seeing the red flags, are choosing to stay with each other. Unfortunately, they are really not going to get anything positive as an outcome from this.

For feelings, Seven of Swords is a tarot card that you should not hope to get. Why? Because this tarot card implies that your love interest does want you in his life for the time being. There is something about you that he does not like. Otherwise, he is simply a complicated man or has another lady on his mind. So he is choosing to keep you out of his thoughts.

Reversed Seven of Swords is somewhat positive. In a relationship situation, this signals a confession. For instance, if your partner really cheated on you he will make an attempt to express it to you. Sometimes, however, the card might simply tell you that you will catch his cheating activities red handed! But not everyone acts on his desire. That also is implied by the reversed Seven of Swords. In details, your lover might feel tempted to do something behind your back, but he does not do it because he feels he should remain faithful to you and that is what the tarot card can signals. As for the feelings of a love interest, the reversed Seven of Swords signals that he is welcoming the thoughts of you.

You really have to be careful when interpreting the Seven of Swords. There are multiple hidden meanings in this card. So it does not always signal that your lover is cheating on you. If for any reason you feel that you are having trouble understanding its meaning and the reading itself do another reading by shuffling and redrawing three more tarot cards. Use their meanings to connect to your previous reading. Basically, this will help you better understand your situation.


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