World and 10 of Pentacles Together in Love Tarot

What does it mean when a man sees and feels that you are the upright World and 10 of Pentacles for them?  The two cards showing up in such positions is actually a good omen especially if the question is about love. But of course, there can be variations. Keep in mind that the other cards can affect the interpretation. The kind of situation that exists between the two of you also matters. Let's see how it all goes.

Things to Note:
The World is the last of the major arcana. It speaks of completion covered with happy feelings. The female has it all. Our 10 of Pentacles has similar tone, but here we have a wealthy family situation.

Meaning 1: The man in question has finally found his dream girl. Since she seems to have it all, he feels he can now work with her to start a family. Overall, the two cards signal beginning of a long term relationship or marriage.

Meaning 2: Although he finds the lady desirable he has no chance of getting close to her. She is either too good for him or she already belongs to someone she is happy with.
Meaning 3: In a more physical sense, the man is a gold digger. He wishes to be rich by using a wealthy woman.

No matter what the meaning is, without a doubt, our man in question can't help admiring the lady. She is definitely on his mind. 

As Above, So Below Meaning And the Tarot Cards

Some guys in tarot cards point towards sky and ground with their hands. The message associated with it is "as above, so below". It is often thought that this is a signal for something occult. Many experts try their best to make the meaning an open secret, but their  hocus pocus language expectedly stabs it every time. I had my share of struggle with the meaning. I don't want you to go through that.  Hence, lets help you see what that message truly is and how to interpret the cards using it.

Real Meaning

The line "as above, so below" is a shortcut way to explain the scientific truth that everything in the universe is not just made in the same way, but also reactive to each other. This is true physically, chemically, psychologically and so on.


We all feel the concept in different ways. Below are just handful of those:

1. An astronomer can tell and even show you that the earth liquids including our blood are impacted by both sun and moon. Similarly, planets influence the orbit of the earth. What we get from this is that the above is doing something to below. Of course, humans are doing something to above also. Think climate change.

2. An astrologer can tell and show you that those same heavenly bodies influence our minds and lives. This again means above is controlling  below. However, they can also tell you how to regain control over those through your own power.

3. Priests of world religions will tell you that there is a deity or energy that controls everything in the universe. They all agree that favor can be gained from him/it/them  through a set of tools such as maintaining certain limits, asking for forgiveness, being thankful and making wishes. In short, religions imply that humans can appeal for something from the main boss of this universe.

In Tarot Cards

The essence of As Above, So Below (AASB) is at home with tarot cards. One can write an entire book on how As Above, So Below (AASB). A deck is even named after the message. Using of upright and reversed positions in the reading is also a feature of it. But we will focus on two cards from Rider Waite to stay on topic.


When time is bad, in a reading, magician can look too abstract for interpretation. What you need to focus on is his tools. He has tools on the table. On top of him is the infinity symbol. See it as law of attraction at work. The condition here is that if he utilizes all those tools and believes in himself, universe will be at his service.


Devil in the card also highlights bad karma and its stress belongs to the man. If he was being evil in the past karma would negatively work on him. The female has less sadness to suffer from. That said, both of them can work together to get out of this karma. Understanding each other is neccessary.

Do This When You Are in Distress

Are you depressed because of a bad reading or relationship? Are you frustrated that your day is going bad? If yes, I have good news for you.

You can instantly get out of all the terrible feelings just by using 10 words. Together they are known as Ho'oponopono. To see their magic, follow these steps:

1. See your soul as a being separate from you.

2. To it, in your head, say the following words 4 or 5 times:

I love you
I am sorry 
Please forgive me
Thank you

3. As you finish saying them you may feel strangely energetic.

The work of these words doesn't end there. If you are forced to meet negative people letting your mind chant Ho'oponopono in front of them can get you positive result. In this same way, you can also have the power to sooth or heal those are suffering from mental illness in your family.

How potent is it during roughest time? These words are an unexpected gift I received from my deceased husband. I am not going to say I am not mourning. But I am doing much better than many other widows. My energy is quite high. I am able to divert my attention to other things quite easily.

I got so excited about the words that I decided to turn them into sticker and pen. You can get one from Olosera's Divine Hand page. I studied a bit about the power of Ho'oponopono. Basically, this is the thing many manifesters among us use to keep their mind positive. I have added it to my routine now. Here is someone teaching how to attract money using those words:

How to Interpret the Outcome Card of Romantic Celtic Cross

When it comes to Celtic Cross outcome is one card we usually pay more attention to. In general, it is believed that the card in the outcome position tells us what will happen if all other cards are followed. What does that mean?

Confusion occurs when there is a mismatch. All cards show a positive essence in the relationship. Everything is happy. But then we get bombed by a negative card sitting in outcome position. How do you go about interpreting that?

That one specific card actually is independent of all that you get below. The outcome is what the future looks like.

Sometimes people want to use Celtic cross to know how a relationship will turn out to be. For an inquiry like that, the outcome card is the gigantic future personality of the union. The couple will basically end up with all that the card stands for.
Taken from Priania's DIY tarot reading site, Olosera

Don't panic. The outcome card basically is like a human. As you know, we are not saints. We have both good and bad qualities. Plus, there is no way to achieve full perfection in a relationship. It is good that way. Too much perfection leads to boredom anyways.

Self Help Guide to Reading Tarot Cards

Rider Waite tarot deck is best for all those who are just learning how to read tarot cards. It is also best for those who do not have psychic ability. However, in the beginning, it is possible to be completely confused about how to interpret these cards. There can be many reasons behind this like broad card meanings found in tarot books, foggy judgment and even the appearances of incompatible cards. Yet it is actually possible to get the idea of what the cards are saying. Follow the steps given here to make it easy.

Step 1: Understand the spread and its sections well. This is the most important skill you have to master. If you fail in this try making your own spread.
Step 2: Look at the symbols shown in each card. Some of them can date back to ancient times. Understand their meanings. When it comes to a human shown in the card study his or her character and action. 
Step 3: Interpret what numerology says about the number found on the top of each card. Yes, the numbers are as important as the symbols. Remember each of them has both negative and positive connotations. You need to consider that.
Step 4: Once you have got a general meaning of the cards, connect them to the situation or question you have for the spread. Ask yourself what they are telling you about the reality.
Step 5: Next, use your intuition to quickly say aloud what each card is implying to you. Basically, intuition catches the meanings of the cards faster than our analytic minds. So by being quicker, we let it speak and get a correct reading from the cards.

After each reading, record the names of the spreads and cards in a journal. Treat it like a qualitative research. After several days,  go back to them to understand how they were related to your questions and the reality you saw. This will help you master how to understand the meanings of the cards in a better way.

Avoid reading for people who are too close to you.  Attachments and deep feelings can make our tarot interpretations murky. That said, if you have pets try doing reading for them.  They are not so different from us humans. But yes, just one animal may not be always beneficial for mastering the skill. We have 12 cats. Believe it or not, they truly helped me sharpen my skill.

Your Wallet May Decide How You Attract Money

No matter how much we say money is not everything, we tend to realize its value at some point in our lives. People who support their families understand this better.  But making wealth from the scratch is not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs focus, commitment and an urge to save, and protect it. This is not always engraved in personalities. Thus, for centuries, people have been hunting for supplementary methods to not just find love, but also make money. One of the most talked about among them is law of attraction. Online, there are multiple sites that speak of how to use it for wealth. They often ask us to simply imagine ourselves as rich. From my experience I can say that imagination does work as long as it is given a “beginning”. That is, we need to imagine how we are starting and reaching the mission.  And of course, when opportunity comes in real life, we must take action. But what if we are truly bad in fantasizing? Can any other method work? This is what we will discuss here.  Just imagination is usually not enough to make law of attraction work. All our senses must be devoted to it. For many, this is not possible for which probably this other method turn helpful.

Ignorance to Awareness

My mom has always been against the idea of keeping empty kitchen. Fridge must always contain some kind of food and cabinets must always hold all the ingredients she needs for cooking. The line she hates the most is “We don’t have this”. Also despite having credit cards, she prefers to carry a good amount of cash in her purse.  It probably runs in her blood. One of my cousins does this same thing. Sometimes the cards sit at home while in the store; the cash does all the work for them. I found this irritating for a long time, for sliding a credit card is much easier and takes less time. She did tell me to never keep my wallet empty and depend on credit cards. I just said okay to it. However, something my boyfriend revealed couple of days ago got me thinking.

His boss lost his wallet. It was found somewhere in the parking lot by a person of another department. He notified the boss about it. My boyfriend was asked to pick it up from that guy. He went ahead, but was struck by the look of the wallet.  It looked 8 months pregnant! Once it was handed to the boss, my boyfriend got a chance to see what was inside. This time his shock doubled. The wallet was full of 50 and 100 dollar bills. That same night he called me and said “My boss is an idiot and outdated. He carries money in bulk.” He kept bashing the guy for almost half an hour, leaving my mind to alternative route.

I agree with him that it is not safe to carry so much cash in wallet. It can be lost or we might become victims of criminals. But on the other side of the line, a wallet full of cash can help us attract more money.

In my mom’s and cousin’s case:

They never seem to have money problem. My dad who carries multiple credit cards in his wallet often end up with debts, but my mom remains immune. My dad believes she is just a better hoarder and her luck with money is simply good. I feel her idea of carrying money in her purse works to attract more money in her life.  In practical sense, cash disciplines her spending habit.

The boss’ case:

Now this one is more interesting. He is an engineering professor and researcher in a school. His salary is $80 per hour. On the top of that, he has been getting $800 bonus every two weeks.  According to my boyfriend, this is unfair because the professor breaks way too many laws. On the top of that, his research work often shows no real result and he has a habit of stealing his colleague’s work. But he always crosses the deadline period. He made multiple computers malfunction and go out of work because he is not in tune with today’s technology.  My boyfriend told me that the school authority is aware of all this and they even gave him warning. Not many even like him because of his bad attitude, but his salary remains where it is and they never cut his bonus. Can it be the magic of his pregnant wallet? I think so.

It all sounds childish and we may presume that these people are able to attract money because of their positions. So I will do an experiment with this wallet thing and update this post with the result.  However, do ponder about this:
  • Cash in wallet attracts more cash
  • Credit cards in wallet attracts more debt

Try doing your own experiment also. If possible tell us about your result using the comment box below.

Update 1: Sorry about the delay. I am doing masters in eastern bay area of California. My house is in Sacramento. So I had to do a lot of driving last 6 months for which I hardly had time for anything else. But it did show me things that probably I could not have discovered with an experiment of two months. Last 6 months, things happened naturally. The circumstances crippled me in most areas of my life, but did teach me lessons that will prove to be valuable for the readers of this article. However, due to restrictions set by lord Google, I have to keep some parts of my story hidden. Last October my Capital One credit card expired. They sent me a new one, but to my previous address. It was not forwarded to my new address and I did not have time to call the customer representatives about this. Wells Fargo, however, willingly gave me one of their credit cards as token for my "studentship". I did not activate it. It sat in my closet. Because of long highway journeys, ATM card  cash seemed the best. I always had fear of my car breaking down. I conjured up being helpless without cash. You might have trouble believing, but in some Californian stores run by Asians credit cards are not accepted at all. So I had to keep cash in my wallet. Sometimes the amount went above $200. I had no expectation to double it. I had no time to think about income at all. I was a new grad student, very much under pressure about good grades. They actually kick out those who get B-. It struck me bad for which I forgot about everything to concentrate on school. Strangely, around this time, my income started to go higher. Because of the worries about school work, I could not enjoy it. I saw the amount, but treated it like "whatever". Now my credit cards are back in my wallet and I do't carry much cash. Freaky consequence of this is my income decreasing. This is still not very convincing to me. Hence, wait for another update. This time I will once again fill up my wallet with cash and remove the credit cards. I know it all sounds silly, but sometimes even in most profound silliness smart move is found.

Update 2: Yes it seems to be true. But the strangest thing I notice in this experiment is that the money actually comes from other directions and it has nothing to do with the credit card break. Just because I stopped using it did not mean I never had any bills. Sure I paid them, but at the same time, there was increase in my finance. 

Guide to Venus in Aries Men and Women

Mars is the planet of war and impulsive actions. Fire element is no different. It represents living in the moment, ferocity and zest for life. Both of them represent the essence of Aries. Hence, Venus the planet of love, entering this sign has to make a point to compromise with them. This is not effortless. The carriers of Venus in Aries, thus, are forced to feel the heat in their love and relationships.

Friendship is never a problem. Venus in Aries is cheerful, funny and knows how to party. The position is used to being around people. Consequently, the carriers will never have to worry about making friends. 

Guide to Venus in Pisces Men and Women

pisces venus
Venus in Pisces are said to often get entangled in doomed relationships. Stereotypically, all of them live in illussion, thinking of a bad partner as the as the most beautiful thing in the world. However, this is not completely true. Normally, the sign of Pisces is highly psychic in nature. In the same way, anyone with Venus in Pisces has a tendency to dig into the mental activities of their lover. So if we believe that in love these people are foolish then we will be only fooling ourselves. Sure some of them fall under the trap. The men especially tend to be more careful than the women. Both the groups are discussed separately below. One important fact that must be noted by parents is that these people are highly mutable. In love and within a good family, they are highly tolerant, understanding and forgiving. When guided accurately with care, they turn out to be more successful in career and relationship than their peers.

Guide to Venus in Aquarius Men and Women

Ruled by Uranus and air element, Aquarius is all about bewilderment, verbal communication, universal friendship, erratic movements, and freedom. Venus is the planet of love. The marriage of Aquarius and this planet, therefore, creates a lover who wants a relationship dotted with all kinds of excitements.

In love, they do not want the same romance every day, for in their mind, predictability is a big turn off. Aquarian heart tends to have scattered desires. As a result, it’s common for the carriers to have crushes here and there.  It is something they cannot help. But if they are in a serious relationship and value the partner immensely, they will keep their desires under control. It’s simply because of the sign’s fixed nature. The woman tends to feel it more often. The reasons are discussed her section below.

Universal brotherly love in their mind always prevails. Never be surprised to see them actively participating in nonprofit organization to help the poor.  Additionally, for being very open, these people tend to have friends from all walks of life. But romantically, the men and women are fairly different. They do not have the same attraction and needs in love.

Venus in Aquarius Man

This man is least interested in dictating how a woman should be. He does not make a shopping list. However, he is attracted to the one who appears most different than those in the crowd. His dream lover is individualistic; a critical thinker little detached and has interest in all sorts of topics to keep him engaged. Romantically, she must be kinky, but should not go overboard with it. As mentioned above, seeing or experiencing same romantic things again and again is boring to Venus in Aquarius. The man, especially, tends to struggle with it a lot more than the woman.

Traditionally, he is labeled as unromantic or detached. Women expecting him to always show up at the door with flowers will always find themselves disappointed. Honestly speaking, he is not the mushy type. Do not still think he is a bad guy. Once in a while he does not mind showing his romantic side, but it will be wrong to expect him to be always like this. There are basically two things missing in him and they are intuition and casual feelings. This is one reason why he is not always responsive to the feelings of his partner. Just try telling him that you are sad or ill. His reply probably to it will be “oh okay” and then he will carry on with his own topics.

The urge to stay awakened is a feature that his heart has. This works in two different ways. When the man gets attracted to a detached woman his heart suddenly gets awakened to win her heart. In this situation, he turns into a lover boy, willing to do anything to woo her. If she succeeds in staying detached even in the relationship, he will take a long time to shed his romantic self.

What happens when the relationship turns tedious? We all know by now that this gets him to hibernate. Only when the disappointed lover breaks off, his heart comes out of this mode. it can actually take a long time for a Venus in Aquarius man to get out of the lake of love sorrow.

This guy often is tagged as cheater and commitment phobic. Point to note is that there is an exception in this. If he is brought up in a traditional family environment, he will neither be a cheater nor commitment phobic. In a situation like this, he will be clueless about how to approach a woman. Because of this, he may go years without any relationship.  The family environment works to keep his confidence level lower. So once he finally gets a lady to settle down with, he will not stray.

But ever heard of the line “absolute power corrupts”? This is quite in tune with a Venus in Aquarius man who has full freedom in his life. If he fails to find his dream lover, he will not hesitate to jump from one woman to another.  In marriage, it is less likely for him to cheat. Once again, it has more to do with his fixed sign.

Venus in Aquarius Woman

She is a social butterfly, always very chit chatty. It is very likely for her to find a romantic partner in her friend circle. Do note that Aquarius does not just have connection with communication, but also with technology. So the lady may also have great luck in finding a partner through Internet or phone.
Romantically, she is not intensely detached like the man we just discussed above. Yes, at young age, she fights to defend her space, but as maturity catches up, she begins to understand how to manage the traditional aspects of relationships. At this stage, she opens herself to love better. Still do not think she tolerates clinginess and intense emotions. Sensitivity tends to freak her out. And because of this, she may have aversion to men who become too fragile in love.

Her dream lover is rough and tough. He does not get swayed by emotions. He is independent enough to solve his own issues and does not depend on the relationship to run his life. He is ready to be treated like a friend among friends, but can capture her attention with great humor and wit. He is social and has no problem with group dates.

Earlier it is mentioned that Aquarian Venus believes highly in universal brotherly love. This has strong connection to the history of romantic relationships of the female carrier. She does not like holding grudge. She believes in forgiving and forgetting. So her partner has to accept the fact that some of her ex’s are her good friends.

Generally, just like most women, this lady has no problem longing for relationships. Recall that the placement tends to experience infatuation more often. The lady may fall temporarily and secretly for any guy, but she will not approach anyone unless she is completely sure that they have some kind of potential. Her heart is truly skilled at weighing right and wrong which helps her understand a person without letting the feelings blind her.

She enters the relationship with an easy going personality. She does not want her partner to please her by sacrificing some parts of his personality, for she believes highly in individualism. However, if her partner mistakes it for something else like a ticket to do and say whatever he wants, he may become the victim of her severe wrath and harsh judgments. It is true that she is impersonal, but this does not mean she does not understand that a relationship must involve only two people. The notion of individualism that she believes in has deep connection with fairness and honesty. What this means is that she wants total loyalty and truthfulness in her relationship.

Does she cheat? Thanks to the masculine nature of Aquarius, she is pretty good at understanding the difference between lust and love. As a matter of fact, according to her viewpoint, feelings should be given only to a partner in an exclusive relationship. But sex is both mental and physical. Therefore, even when in a relationship, the lady will fancy other men sexually. She does not think such temporary thoughts hurt the relationship. After all, she is not physically doing anything with them. But yes, it is possible for her to cross the line provided she is treated very harshly in her relationship or she is not getting anything out of it.

Guide to Venus in Capricorn Men and Women

The meeting of Venus and Capricorn is all about the practicality and seriousness. It sees chasing the unknown absurd and waste of precious time. Yet do not think that Venus in Capricorn does not take risk at all. Capricorn is an earthly cardinal sign and that makes it a smart initiator. What this means is that they take risks in familiar environment and that is also only if they promise something of value.

This Venus sign longs for lifelong friendship, but mainly with serious types. It usually has very less tolerance towards aggressive, irresponsible and carefree people. Still its earthly nature does not mind giving them a chance. In love, the men and women have different tastes. Thus, their love styles are provided here separately.

Venus in Capricorn Man

This man is very particular about what he wants in a relationship. He is serious about love, typically seeking a partner loaded with the qualities of a traditional wife. But hey, this is just his one general demand. His type of woman must have her own things going on because he cannot always give time to love. He has a career to focus on, after all. That is why, according to his next demands, she should be mature, well learned and above all, must be able to take care of herself independently. Also she should have the urge to provide security in love and must maintain her social status. As long as his demands are met, he has no problem ignoring other features that his lady love might think as her or relationship’s weaknesses. Some examples include age difference, character flaws and family problems. But yes, he frowns upon needy, talkative, aggressive and unpredictable women. But this does not mean he will not end up with one!

When he likes a woman, he will give her extra attention to get to know her well. However, his kind of flirting can be confusing to many women. He will never use a cheap pickup line. He will never be sexual. His idea of flirting involves showing off his resume and best personality traits. He thinks these things make him look like a perfect catch. In between, he will shoot a series of questions at his love interest too. The mission here is to know whether she can fulfill his relationship requirements. He will also observe her behavior and dressing sense.

Does he cheat in relationships? In general, Capricorn is one sign that is less likely to cheat. The term itself is suffocating to the man. Time is too precious to him for which one woman is enough in his life. But if he is young and caught in a bad relationship watch out for lies. For a Venus in Capricorn, it is difficult to get out of love. To some extent, it ends up making the carrier passive and sensitive to the needs of the partner. Sometimes this compels the young male carrier to continue a bad relationship and this is where the lies come into existence. He will definitely look for a way out, but at the same time he will say stuff or give false promise to his partner just to please her.

Venus in Capricorn Woman

Just like her male counterpart, she is conservative about relationships. Her type of man is someone who knows what he wants in life. He is serious about his education and profession. Her attraction is deeper for those who are self made and disciplined. But yes, looks do matter to her. The one she wants to be with must be handsome in her eyes and should also dress appropriately.  In short, her dream man must have all the qualities capable of keeping up her good image in her friend circle and security at home.

It takes some time for love to come in her life, for at young age, majority of the men are not compatible with her requirements. Also she does not open up romantically in front of those who she does not trust. She is okay with men flirting with her, but the praises being thrown at her must not be sexual and fake. Men may complain that she plays hard to get. But no, this is not her mission. She actually becomes unavailable to men she wants out of her way.

When she truly likes someone she will give him attention, testing him here and there to know whether he will be suitable for her. She does not fear initiating a relationship provided that her love interest is shy, but has given her the signal that he likes her.

In love, this woman is very traditional. Even as a girlfriend, she wants to fulfill her duty towards her partner like a wife. She wants to make sure that he is comfortable. Sadly, this is mistakenly interpreted as domination by immature young men.  As a result, Venus in Capricorn women go through a lot of relationship hurdles at young age which often end up affecting their self confidence and even other areas of their lives.

Can a woman with Venus sign cheat? Not really because she cannot have romantic feelings for two men at the same time.

Why People Cheat: Explainations from Different Fields

Modern day love relationships are portrayed as more secular in nature. All adult men and women have freedom to choose partners for marriage. No more the consent of parents or elderly people of the town makes any difference in our decisions.We are in full bloom to go through as many mates as possible until we find the right person to settle with. This is often frowned upon and tagged as the distorted version of a good fairy tale. Truth to be told, we are more conservative about relationships than our ancestors. Few centuries ago, in many countries, men could openly keep multiple wives and mistresses. In today’s time, this arrangement still exists but in lower rate. Polygamous mentality is something we hardly accept. Anyone carrying it is now known as cheater, the bad apple we feel more comfortable to toss aside. We want those who can love us monogamously. That is the essence of true love in our mind for which we now do not hesitate to wonder as to why people cheat. Experts from several fields have tried to find the true reasons utilizing research and studies. Here we take a look them:


One study done in Bar Ilan University, Israel reveals that people who have less amount of Oxytocin hormone are more likely to break up or dissolve relationships numerous times. In US, this has been linked to cheating. Another study done at University of New York shows that variance in a gene called Dopamine receptor D4 (DRD4) is responsible for causing some people to have a need for risky adventures including cheating in relationships. These people tend to be more outgoing and sometimes fall prey to gambling or alcohol addictions. The research team, however, stretches that whether these people will cheat will largely depend on their surroundings. 


Psychologists have multiple explanations for the question of why people cheat. But one that has always stood out is John Lee’s Ludus love style.  According to Lee, people with this love style prefer multiple lovers over quality of love. Conquest is their ultimate game and they have fear towards commitment. Break up for them is a piece of cake, for they can get over ex’s too quickly.  Other researchers conclude that Ludus love style makes its bearer manipulative, forceful and more action oriented than thoughtful. 

For many years, psychologists saw avoidant attachment factor as one of the components of unfaithfulness without any proof from scientific research. To know if their presumption was correct, a PhD student named Geneviève Beaulieu-Pelletier from University of Montreal conducted four studies studies on people of different age groups. The results received from the first two studies helped her conclude that psychologists were correct.  Through the last two studies, she embarked on finding what truly caused these specific types of people to cheat. The answer turned out to be an urge to get away from the partners. The research also debunked the myth that men cheat more than the women. Both the groups connected to avoidant attachment have the urge in equal level.  


Sociologists too have tried to find out the element that causes people to cheat. One paper titled as “The Effect of Relative Income Disparity of Infidelity for Men and Women” written by researcher and PhD candidate Christine Munsch states that men economically relying on their wives or girlfriends are more inclined to cheat. Still do not think that it is the unemployment that causes it. According to the paper, men who make lesser than their partners can also resort to cheating.  
Similarly, those who make higher income can also give into infidelity. The reasons behind this are tours and spending more time at work. Just think about Enron CEO’s. They entertained their clients at stripper clubs. One of the CEO’s even left his wife for a stripper. By the way, according to Munsch’s paper, women who rely largely on their partners economically are less prone to cheat.


Astrologers for long have also studied cheating. In general, astrology teaches us to not believe that simply a sun sign can be responsible for such a crime, for a personality is shaped up by a vast number of planetary influences. However, Ashley Madison, a dating site made for people seeking extra marital affairs, revealed amazing data from their system which proved that sun signs do have certain amount of influence in cheating behavior. According to them, Pisces men topped their cheating chart and second position went to Aquarius men. Among female signs, Gemini became number one and Aries captured the second position. This certainly is too general to capture the interest of astrologers. How we view relationships is the work of our moon, Venus, Mars, Neptune, houses and aspects. A site called Cosmitec has devoted two of their pages (separately for males and females) to lists of astrological cheating factors. According to it, usually the Venus and Neptune are always responsible for one to stray. Other positions matter too and they provide all of them on the pages. For males, go to this page and for females, go here
All of the fields we have looked into today always warn us that their research on cheating is never-ending. Human mind is very complicated and how it takes decisions still remains an enigma.  Interestingly, all of them do agree that cheating needs environment for it to blossom fully. No gene can simply take action without it.  

Relationship Compatibility Through Astrological Elements

The compatibility of elements by far is the most overlooked aspect in the astrology.

Quite comfortably we look into which sign gets along with which one, but never take time to understand how their fate depends largely on their respective elements.

Yes, they can make or break a relationship because in nature, they either work in harmony or clash, leaving astrological signs either lovers or enemies.

But before we can go in details about it let's have a look at the elements and signs falling under each of them.

The Enemies

Do you ever wonder why water to put out fire? It is simple chemistry. In order to stay alive, fire needs heat, oxygen and fuel. Water gets rid of the heat and that puts out the fire. Astrologically, this means that water signs tend to take away the excitement from the fire signs. Consequently, the two groups usually have trouble getting along with each other.