The Magician in Love and Relationships

A magician pointing out what is up there is also below on this planet. It denotes having the power to make things possible.

Traditionally, this card is linked to mastery of skills because the magician has the right tools in front of him and also he is blessed by the universe which is depicted by the infinity symbol he has on the top of his head. Realistically, the Magician just knows what to do and how to do it right on time. In a love and relationship situation, it is an excellent card to get.

The upright Magician tarot card basically talks of a lover who wants to be good to his sweetheart. He is serious by nature. That is why, he is capable of being a good boyfriend or husband. In short, upright, the Magician portrays a man who has only good intention in his heart. As for the relationship itself, it is just stress free and the love between the two people is magical. Better than this is the fact that the relationship is blessed by the universe.

Interestingly, if you have had an argument with your partner and in the reading the Magician tarot card appears then rest assure yourself that the two of you will be able to throw away all the sour feelings from the relationship just by talking positively with each other. Why is it so? Because the Magician carries the influences of the planet Mercury which governs the communication system. Thus, instead of being aggressive, you two will be aware of the fact that polite conversation is necessary to bury the hatchet in your relationship.

In reverse position, the Magician tarot card depicts an actor in the man. That is, he has hidden mission to get something out of his lover. In details, the man is not only self centered but is also good at exploiting his woman. Unfortunately, what he does not realize is that whatever he is doing for his own gain is making him look like a villain. Yes, he is unaware of the fact that his woman can see the real him no matter how he is trying to hide it with pretense.


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