The Fool Card in Love and Relationships

During a beautiful day, a man is travelling with his dog to enjoy his life to the fullest without caring about the fact that he is almost near the edge of the hill.


Most of the time, the person from this card is interpreted as too naive by tarot card readers. One of the main reasons behind this is that it is given the number zero which can be taken as the beginning of a baby’s life. He is new to the world which makes him curious, yet happy because he is not aware of the real world responsibilities, stress and cruelty. A sad point to be noted is that he knows nothing about how things operate. Thus, he can have a tendency to  land into a few troubles as depicted by the edge of the hill. That is why, many tarot readers often take the Fool card as a negative. But in reality, that is not true in all situations.

For love and relationship questions, I have drawn this tarot card for people who feel they are on the top of the world. To be clear, this card depicts that one moment when the person in question feels that the love is so powerful inside of him that he is seeing the world in a new way. In short, upright, the Fool is linked to the extreme happiness felt in the love life. Yet if the question is about a date and his preference in commitment the Fool tarot card’s meaning becomes negative. In this situation, the Fool refers to a person who just is not interested in committing to anyone. He is too self-centered and wants to live the life of a player because he feels that there are plenty of fishes in the sea.

Apparently, getting the Fool card in reversed position is never a good sign, for this means that the baby when trying to do something has accidentally got hurt. In the same way, for love and relationship questions, this card depicts ugly pain and disappointment. But if the question is about whether someone has feelings for you then this tarot card indicates a big no for the time being. As a matter of fact, the person in question is not really paying attention to thoughts about you but someone else! What this means is that reversed Fool can reflect the involvement of another man or woman. Perhaps, your love interest has crush on someone else!


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