Relationship Compatibility Through Astrological Elements

The compatibility of elements by far is the most overlooked aspect in the astrology.

Quite comfortably we look into which sign gets along with which one, but never take time to understand how their fate depends largely on their respective elements.

Yes, they can make or break a relationship because in nature, they either work in harmony or clash, leaving astrological signs either lovers or enemies.

But before we can go in details about it let's have a look at the elements and signs falling under each of them.

The Enemies

Do you ever wonder why water to put out fire? It is simple chemistry. In order to stay alive, fire needs heat, oxygen and fuel. Water gets rid of the heat and that puts out the fire. Astrologically, this means that water signs tend to take away the excitement from the fire signs. Consequently, the two groups usually have trouble getting along with each other.

The story of air and earth is similar, but what is absent between the two is reaction. The air can try to touch the solid earth, but none will feel anything from it. In loose form, however, it will blow with the air, but at one point because of its heaviness it will have to fall and settle somewhere. This explains why air signs are incompatible with earth signs. Just like air, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius have a need for movement. But earth signs are happy to stay in one place. This is one reason why the two often end up leaving each other.

The worst relationship is often seen between the fire and earth signs. In the beginning, the two groups do feel attracted to each other. This is the sizzling effect of fire touching the earth. Sexually it is more visible. Sadly, according to Chemistry, fire tends to ruin not just the upper portion of the soil, but also deep down inside. In brief, all properties become the target. What this astrologically means is that due to incompatibility, fire signs affect the earth signs both physically and psychologically.

The lovers

Moist earth becomes loose; giving us the ability to grow in it fruits or make things out of it. Now who makes this earth moist? It is none other than the water which is the epitome of all emotions. Without it, earth is barren.  In astrology, this signals that water signs rejuvenate earth signs. When the two groups come together they help each other make things that otherwise would be impossible for them to do individually.  The two can still clash. This comes from too much water which eventually leave soil completely muddy.

Air reacts to fire in the same way. As a matter of fact, fire needs oxygen from air to stay alive. Sometimes the air can even spread the fire. That is why, in astrology, we see air signs being highly compatible with fire signs. Both are adventurous and both have a need to be on the move.  They too can clash. Remember that when air gets too heavy it puts out the fire.

How about air and water? Water gets its moving ability from air. The two cannot mix unless the water changes into vapor.  Air can also cool down the water. This is a hint that air signs can influence water signs, but clashes will always be apparent.

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