Seven of Pentacles in Love and Relationships

Description: Opening up the critical eyes.

Upright Seven of Pentacles is often linked to the frustrating situations, but this is true only in readings where this card appears under the obstacle section. In other cases, the real meaning of Seven of Pentacles’ is “reflecting”.

Take a look how the man in the card is starring at the coins. For a relationship, it can be just any situations where considerations are necessary from both or either of the partners. When you think about you relationship security, happiness or any other positive thing that you get from your partner you turn yourself into Seven of Pentacles. You ask questions such as:

  • Is he giving me happiness?
  • Is my relationship going anywhere?
  • How far have we come in our relationship?
If the card represents your partner then he is the asking these questions in his mind. In some cases, however, the keyword of Seven of Pentacles can change into “seeing what happens”. If you take a look at the man shown in Seven of Pentacles you will notice that he is looking at the fruits or coins that he has grown in his garden. Apparently, he is not doing anything to take care of them. Now for a relationship, it can be a situation where you are not sure whether you want to stay with your partner, but you are still continuing to be with him. It is just that you want the universe and not your physical effort to create the future of the relationship for you.

For feelings, Seven of Pentacles has similar meanings. Either your love interest is thinking about whether he should approach you or he wants you to make the first move because he believes that this is how the universe will bring him a relationship. Just keep eyes on him to find out which option best suits his thoughts.

Reversed Seven of Pentacles implies the carelessness which leads to disaster. In other words, the relationship is based on impulsiveness which is bringing in a lot of red flags. Critical thinking on weighing pros and cons are not being done. Consequently, the future of the relationship turns  negative or unhealthy in nature. For feelings, reversed Seven of Pentacles shows scattered thoughts. That is, your love interest has too many things going in his mind for which you are definitely not his priority.


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