Six of Pentacles in Love and Relationships

Description: Balancing of everything.

Upright Six of Pentacles talks of fairness. Yet for love and relationship situations,it consists of two different meanings. The first one is completely attached to the term, fairness. In details, the health of the relationship is doing extremely good because it is built on mutual understanding, love and security. Why? Because the number six attached to this pentacle card is now in powerful form. If you are unsure of how this plays out then it is important for you to know that this is the number which according to the theory of numerology is connected to fairness, tenderness and beauty. Moreover, it is governed by the planet Venus which deals with not only security, but also love and romance. Another symbol that the card holds is the scale which also emphasizes things being on the same page!

That said, when the surrounding cards are negative Six of Pentacles can give out the second meaning. Concentrating on the card will reveal to you that the rich man in it is giving away his money to the beggars.

Note the two extremes here: The rich and the poor. For a relationship, this means disproportion and some of its examples are:
  • Taking financial help constantly
  • In need of attention
  • In need of knowledge
  • In need of love
  • In need of kindness
Despite this neediness, it is certain that the provider in the relationship will not back away. However, it is also important to remember that too much of giving at one point can lead to negative outcome. This is definitely possible in relationships that lack a complete commitment. You just keep giving away love or sex to your partner and he shamelessly accepts it from you without giving you the solid commitment in return. This way, you two give birth to the disproportion. Just keep in mind the beggars in Six of Pentacles. They are not really providing anything to the rich man.

For feelings, Six of Pentacles have two different meanings. The first one can be defined as great admiration. In details, your romantic interest thinks that you are a very generous human being and that you can provide him great affection. The second meaning is somewhat negative in nature because here the roles are switched. In other words, now he thinks that you are a little bit too needy for his taste.

Reversed Six of Pentacles brings a block in generosity and happiness. An interesting point to note is that in reversed positive, the card shows that the money from the poor is going to the rich man. For a relationship, this implies atrocity, absence of understanding and birth of arrogance. So a stormy argument or disappointment can be expected. An obstacle to security should also be noted. For feelings, reversed Six of Pentacles pinpoints closed eyes. It is just that the love interest is not looking to be with anyone. So he has not seen you romantically.


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