Self Help Guide to Reading Tarot Cards

Rider Waite tarot deck is best for all those who are just learning how to read tarot cards. It is also best for those who do not have psychic ability. However, in the beginning, it is possible to be completely confused about how to interpret these cards. There can be many reasons behind this like broad card meanings found in tarot books, foggy judgment and even the appearances of incompatible cards. Yet it is actually possible to get the idea of what the cards are saying. Follow the steps given here to make it easy.

Step 1: Understand the spread and its sections well. This is the most important skill you have to master. If you fail in this try making your own spread.

Step 2: Look at the symbols shown in each card. Some of them can date back to ancient times. Understand their meanings. When it comes to a human shown in the card study his or her character and action. 
Step 3: Interpret what numerology says about the number found on the top of each card. Yes, the numbers are as important as the symbols. Remember each of them has both negative and positive connotations. You need to consider that.
Step 4: Once you have got a general meaning of the cards, connect them to the situation or question you have for the spread. Ask yourself what they are telling you about the reality.
Step 5: Next, use your intuition to quickly say aloud what each card is implying to you. Basically, intuition catches the meanings of the cards faster than our analytic minds. So by being quicker, we let it speak and get a correct reading from the cards.

After each reading, record the names of the spreads and cards in a journal. Treat it like a qualitative research. After several days,  go back to them to understand how they were related to your questions and the reality you saw. This will help you master how to understand the meanings of the cards in a better way.

Avoid reading for people who are too close to you.  Attachments and deep feelings can make our tarot interpretations murky. That said, if you have pets try doing reading for them.  They are not so different from us humans. But yes, just one animal may not be always beneficial for mastering the skill. We have 12 cats. Believe it or not, they truly helped me sharpen my skill.

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