How to Interpret the Outcome Card of Romantic Celtic Cross

When it comes to Celtic Cross outcome is one card we usually pay more attention to. In general, it is believed that the card in the outcome position tells us what will happen if all other cards are followed. What does that mean?

Confusion occurs when there is a mismatch. All cards show a positive essence in the relationship. Everything is happy. But then we get bombed by a negative card sitting in outcome position. How do you go about interpreting that?

That one specific card actually is independent of all that you get below. The outcome is what the future looks like.

Sometimes people want to use Celtic cross to know how a relationship will turn out to be. For an inquiry like that, the outcome card is the gigantic future personality of the union. The couple will basically end up with all that the card stands for.

Taken from Priania's DIY tarot reading site, Olosera

Don't panic. The outcome card basically is like a human. As you know, we are not saints. We have both good and bad qualities. Plus, there is no way to achieve full perfection in a relationship. It is good that way. Too much perfection leads to boredom anyways.

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