Do This When You Are in Distress

Are you depressed because of a bad reading or relationship? Are you frustrated that your day is going bad? If yes, I have good news for you.

You can instantly get out of all the terrible feelings just by using 10 words. Together they are known as Ho'oponopono. To see their magic, follow these steps:

1. See your soul as a being separate from you.

2. To it, in your head, say the following words 4 or 5 times:

I love you
I am sorry 
Please forgive me
Thank you

3. As you finish saying them you may feel strangely energetic.

The work of these words doesn't end there. If you are forced to meet negative people letting your mind chant Ho'oponopono in front of them can get you positive result. In this same way, you can also have the power to sooth or heal those are suffering from mental illness in your family.

How potent is it during roughest time? These words are an unexpected gift I received from my deceased husband. I am not going to say I am not mourning. But I am doing much better than many other widows. My energy is quite high. I am able to divert my attention to other things quite easily.

I got so excited about the words that I decided to turn them into sticker and pen. You can get one from Olosera's Divine Hand page. I studied a bit about the power of Ho'oponopono. Basically, this is the thing many manifesters among us use to keep their mind positive. I have added it to my routine now. Here is someone teaching how to attract money using those words:

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