As Above, So Below Meaning And the Tarot Cards

Some guys in tarot cards point towards sky and ground with their hands. The message associated with it is "as above, so below". It is often thought that this is a signal for something occult. Many experts try their best to make the meaning an open secret, but their  hocus pocus language expectedly stabs it every time. I had my share of struggle with the meaning. I don't want you to go through that.  Hence, lets help you see what that message truly is and how to interpret the cards using it.

Real Meaning

The line "as above, so below" is a shortcut way to explain the scientific truth that everything in the universe is not just made in the same way, but also reactive to each other. This is true physically, chemically, psychologically and so on.


We all feel the concept in different ways. Below are just handful of those:

1. An astronomer can tell and even show you that the earth liquids including our blood are impacted by both sun and moon. Similarly, planets influence the orbit of the earth. What we get from this is that the above is doing something to below. Of course, humans are doing something to above also. Think climate change.

2. An astrologer can tell and show you that those same heavenly bodies influence our minds and lives. This again means above is controlling  below. However, they can also tell you how to regain control over those through your own power.

3. Priests of world religions will tell you that there is a deity or energy that controls everything in the universe. They all agree that favor can be gained from him/it/them  through a set of tools such as maintaining certain limits, asking for forgiveness, being thankful and making wishes. In short, religions imply that humans can appeal for something from the main boss of this universe.

In Tarot Cards

The essence of As Above, So Below (AASB) is at home with tarot cards. One can write an entire book on how As Above, So Below (AASB). A deck is even named after the message. Using of upright and reversed positions in the reading is also a feature of it. But we will focus on two cards from Rider Waite to stay on topic.


When time is bad, in a reading, magician can look too abstract for interpretation. What you need to focus on is his tools. He has tools on the table. On top of him is the infinity symbol. See it as law of attraction at work. The condition here is that if he utilizes all those tools and believes in himself, universe will be at his service.


Devil in the card also highlights bad karma and its stress belongs to the man. If he was being evil in the past karma would negatively work on him. The female has less sadness to suffer from. That said, both of them can work together to get out of this karma. Understanding each other is neccessary.

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