Devil Card in Love and Relationships

Description: Too much of something is taking over the person!

There are just too many meanings associated with the Devil tarot card, but somehow it all lands on the keywords associated with the psychological elements. Most of the time this tarot card is taken as very negative by the tarot card readers. But in some of the readings I have done, the Devil actually turned out to be positive! One important point to mention here is that just because the card has been titled as Devil does not mean that it is telling you that your life is surrounded with evil! No, this is not always true especially when the tarot card appears in a love reading. A relationship can only begin if there is a physical attraction between the two lovers. Basically, this physical attraction is summed up by the upright Devil tarot card in a love reading. When the question is about the overall quality of the relationship the appearance of the Devil tarot card emphasizes that it has become an addiction for the two lovers. Traditionally, this addiction is often linked with sex. That is, the couple has formed the bond to indulge in earthly pleasure which is sex. Now whether it is good or bad is all up to you to decide, but you must remember that too much of something can later become destructive for one’s  health!

Now let’s learn how Devil tarot card can be negative in nature. Interestingly, this tarot card in a negative way is associated with fear especially as an outcome. In a relationship situation, if you have been argumentative the appearance of the Devil tarot card tells you  that you are just creating too much terror and thus, your partner has fear towards you.

The devil tarot card also signals emotional baggage of the past being carried at present. Depression rules the person. Unfortunately, it has been brought by the pain associated with the memories. In short, he is not healed psychologically. Caution must be taken when the reading really signals this. Once a girl told me to do a reading on a date who was not answering her calls. A day before this, he told her that he could not get over his ex. So from the reading I picked up that yes. the man was telling the truth. Unfortunately, later that night, his mother called the girl to tell her that he was so badly depressed with his past that he tried to take his life! What we need to learn from this is that the Devil tarot card flashes severe warning.

It is also possible that in the future position, this card is signaling that your  or your partner's sexual past will create problem in the relationship. It does not matter if this is linked to having two or eighty partners. But here is the interesting thing,  the chain bond in the card is not the relationship itself, but the thought or deed of struggle. You will always know that you do not need to break up because the crisis is rather silly and stupid. The turmoil will not be able to hide the happiness you two have. Moreover, if you are religious or tell a religious person about what you are go through it will be clear immediately that your relationship is being victim to demonic influence. No matter what happens, the partner in question has to make sure he or she is not being unrealistic because such attitude will backfire. Remember that the Devil card is associated with Capricorn. What this means is that the partner struggling with the thought of sexual past will accept only his or her original personality.

Reversed Devil tarot card talks of victory over strong emotions. The physical attraction is gone. At the same time, in the relationship issues, sex no more remains an addiction. In fact, importance is now given to other areas of the relationship. In the same way, a person after the breakup has finally freed himself from the emotional baggage and thus he is ready to move on to the next level of his life.


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