Temperance Card in Love and Relationships

Description: Finding a balance in the situation.

The basic meaning of the Temperance tarot card is that a person is trying to balance himself between two extremes. For love and relationship issues, this tarot card upright talks of being in control. The situation is divided into two sections. One is bad and the other one is good. The person in question is trying to control his mood to fit himself in the middle passage of these two extremes. That is, you can see the problems in your love life, but you are just non judgmental to it. Thus, you continue being with your partner.

When a relationship has just ended the appearance of the Temperance tarot card heralds the moving on process. You have cried a lot after the breakup. It is now time for you to manage yourself to move forward alone or see which new person is ready to enter in your life. Around this time it is possible for you to feel some depression about what happened with you in the past, but you choose to stay silent about it. Overall, the keyword you should remember for this tarot card is controlling your physical and psychological elements.

Reversed Temperance talks of not finding a middle ground in a given situation. You have a strong opinion about your relationship. Thus, you are choosing one of the two extremes of the good and bad! At the same time, in reversed position this tarot card emphasizes not moving on. As a matter of fact, you are trying to hang on to your partner.


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