Death Card in Love and Relationships

Description: The reaper is riding your life.

Death is one of the gloomiest tarot cards to get in a reading, for it talks of the end! However, in love and relationship situations, this is not always the case. The meaning of end here can be just about anything.

It can mean the couple is about to see a new phase which can mark the beginning of a bad or happy time. This card can also represent all the belongings of the past that the couple removes from their lives.As mentioned before, death represents the ending. So it is possible for a relationship to perish for good.

But how would you know that it is really over? For this, you basically have to analyze your love life. Has your partner suddenly disappeared? If your answer is yes then the appearance of the Death card reveals that your time with him or her is over at least in the relationship department. In other words, the person might reappear in your life, but this does not mean that you would be able to live the past with them. Your feelings might die and so you might not want to see them like before again. Also this person might come to you again for a friendship instead of a relationship. But whatever it is, you will not be able to repeat your past with them.

The reversed version of the Death card tells that the relationship is having trouble in moving to a new phase. The person in question is carrying a baggage of the past. Thus, he or she is not ready to move forward. Overall, the main keyword for the reversed Death tarot card is the past.


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