Hanged Man in Love and Relationships

A person is accepting the fact that he has been hanged to a tree.

Hanged Man is very straightforward in what it says. It basically talks about the sacrifice being made.  In love and relationship issues, it implies that you are thinking that although you can see all the bad qualities in your partner you are okay to be in the relationship. What this means is that you are ready to sacrifice your own happiness just for the sake of being in a relationship. The Hanged man also emphasizes the break time of the relationship. This usually happens in situations where a partner thinks he or she is in need of space. So the relationship is delayed.

Other times, it talks of the pain being felt by the breakup. The partner represented by hanged man is feeling it all, but he still does not look behind thinking that the pain is simply a norm that someday will go away. In short, to him, the pain is casual.

Reversed Hanged man talks of stubbornness. In other words, the person depicted by it simply will not surrender to any abusive partner or relationship. Instead, he or she will try to change the situation to make it suitable to his or her taste.


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