Justice Card in Love and Relationships

Doing justice to protect your life from becoming abusive.

Justice tarot card is connected to the term “coming to just verdict only after weighing all the evidences”. So how does it play out in a love and relationship situation? A few years ago, one of my friends was cheated by her boyfriend. It was not any normal cheating. The man first slept with the other woman and then after a few days moved in with her. The most bizarre part about that specific event was that the man did not really break up with my friend. In fact, on and off he contacted her to let her know that he still had feelings for her.

My friend was so depressed about her situation that she allowed him to continue it for a while. However, after three months she finally realized that he was actually manipulating her feelings. Consequently, she gathered courage and one day ferociously told the man to never contact her ever again. After this event, when she told me to do a reading on her and him I found the Justice tarot card appearing.  So what do you think happened in her situation? There was a sudden awakening in her senses which triggered her to come to a sudden resolution to throw the man out of her life. This is what actually the Justice tarot card in a love or relationship situation is all about.

A date or a lover who does not fit your standard is eliminated and as you go through this process you will not feel any love or sympathy for them. Your decision will be so firm that even in the future you will not regret thinking about it. The Justice tarot card in a relationship reading also heralds that the problem that is floating in a relationship will be brought to the surface and resolved in such a manner that it appears logical and just to both the parties.

If you notice the tarot card with good concentration you will see the lady is holding a sword in one hand and scales in the other. When we reverse the tarot card we will find the sword downward while scales go reversed up in the air. This basically explains that you are feeling the hurt in the relationship, but you are not using proper wisdom to do anything about it at all. In details, when Justice tarot card is found in reversed position it simply means that you are not seeing your lover or the relationship itself in a sensible way. Perhaps, both of them are abusive to you, but you prefer to deny it to yourself and simply not take any action! You are forcing yourself to go with the injustice!


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