Tower Card in Love and Relationships

Description: Swift change taking place.

The Tower tarot card looks dramatic in nature. After all, it shows a tall tower being struck by the thunder of the sky and people falling down. For love and relationship situations, the Tower can mean a lot of different things. But the keyword to remember for this tarot card is explosion in the mind. If the question is about the psychological nature of the lover the appearance of the upright Tower tarot card tells that a quick change taking place in his or her mind. All the past opinions are fading, but at the same time new ones are forming.

The upright Tower tarot card also emphasizes disputes, dreams breaking into pieces and separation in the relationship. In the case of disputes, it is important to remember that they are not going to be permanent. However, the dreams being broken can be taken as a negative sign. Under such circumstances, one needs to stay strong so they can be rebuilt in the future. As for the separation, it is not permanent either. As matter of fact, the Tower tarot card just portrays the gaps in the meeting days of the couple. For instance, if you see your boyfriend or girlfriend only on weekends then the weekdays are considered as separation time by the Tower tarot card.

The reversed Tower is not one of the best tarot cards. The destruction of the tower and its people is still happening, but only difference is that the pace is slow. The fire now is underneath the tower. What this means is that the burning will continue, but it will take some time for the fire to completely come to the top. So what does it say about the love and relationships now? It is quite simple. The person in question is bottling up his or her heart with pain. If it does not find an outlet then basically it is going to burn his or her life completely. In the same way, the relationship is in the process of rusting. Unfortunately, if it is allowed to continue the love will get destroyed and the breakup will happen in an extremely negative way.


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