World and 10 of Pentacles Together in Love Tarot

What does it mean when a man sees and feels that you are the upright World and 10 of Pentacles for them?  The two cards showing up in such positions is actually a good omen especially if the question is about love. But of course, there can be variations. Keep in mind that the other cards can affect the interpretation. The kind of situation that exists between the two of you also matters. Let's see how it all goes.

Things to Note:
The World is the last of the major arcana. It speaks of completion covered with happy feelings. The female has it all. Our 10 of Pentacles has similar tone, but here we have a wealthy family situation.

Meaning 1: The man in question has finally found his dream girl. Since she seems to have it all, he feels he can now work with her to start a family. Overall, the two cards signal beginning of a long term relationship or marriage.

Meaning 2: Although he finds the lady desirable he has no chance of getting close to her. She is either too good for him or she already belongs to someone she is happy with.
Meaning 3: In a more physical sense, the man is a gold digger. He wishes to be rich by using a wealthy woman.

No matter what the meaning is, without a doubt, our man in question can't help admiring the lady. She is definitely on his mind. 

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