Your Wallet May Decide How You Attract Money

No matter how much we say money is not everything, we tend to realize its value at some point in our lives. People who support their families understand this better.  But making wealth from the scratch is not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs focus, commitment and an urge to save, and protect it. This is not always engraved in personalities. Thus, for centuries, people have been hunting for supplementary methods to not just find love, but also make money. One of the most talked about among them is law of attraction. Online, there are multiple sites that speak of how to use it for wealth. They often ask us to simply imagine ourselves as rich. From my experience I can say that imagination does work as long as it is given a “beginning”. That is, we need to imagine how we are starting and reaching the mission.  And of course, when opportunity comes in real life, we must take action. But what if we are truly bad in fantasizing? Can any other method work? This is what we will discuss here.  Just imagination is usually not enough to make law of attraction work. All our senses must be devoted to it. For many, this is not possible for which probably this other method turn helpful.

Ignorance to Awareness

My mom has always been against the idea of keeping empty kitchen. Fridge must always contain some kind of food and cabinets must always hold all the ingredients she needs for cooking. The line she hates the most is “We don’t have this”. Also despite having credit cards, she prefers to carry a good amount of cash in her purse.  It probably runs in her blood. One of my cousins does this same thing. Sometimes the cards sit at home while in the store; the cash does all the work for them. I found this irritating for a long time, for sliding a credit card is much easier and takes less time. She did tell me to never keep my wallet empty and depend on credit cards. I just said okay to it. However, something my boyfriend revealed couple of days ago got me thinking.

His boss lost his wallet. It was found somewhere in the parking lot by a person of another department. He notified the boss about it. My boyfriend was asked to pick it up from that guy. He went ahead, but was struck by the look of the wallet.  It looked 8 months pregnant! Once it was handed to the boss, my boyfriend got a chance to see what was inside. This time his shock doubled. The wallet was full of 50 and 100 dollar bills. That same night he called me and said “My boss is an idiot and outdated. He carries money in bulk.” He kept bashing the guy for almost half an hour, leaving my mind to alternative route.

I agree with him that it is not safe to carry so much cash in wallet. It can be lost or we might become victims of criminals. But on the other side of the line, a wallet full of cash can help us attract more money.

In my mom’s and cousin’s case:

They never seem to have money problem. My dad who carries multiple credit cards in his wallet often end up with debts, but my mom remains immune. My dad believes she is just a better hoarder and her luck with money is simply good. I feel her idea of carrying money in her purse works to attract more money in her life.  In practical sense, cash disciplines her spending habit.

The boss’ case:

Now this one is more interesting. He is an engineering professor and researcher in a school. His salary is $80 per hour. On the top of that, he has been getting $800 bonus every two weeks.  According to my boyfriend, this is unfair because the professor breaks way too many laws. On the top of that, his research work often shows no real result and he has a habit of stealing his colleague’s work. But he always crosses the deadline period. He made multiple computers malfunction and go out of work because he is not in tune with today’s technology.  My boyfriend told me that the school authority is aware of all this and they even gave him warning. Not many even like him because of his bad attitude, but his salary remains where it is and they never cut his bonus. Can it be the magic of his pregnant wallet? I think so.

It all sounds childish and we may presume that these people are able to attract money because of their positions. So I will do an experiment with this wallet thing and update this post with the result.  However, do ponder about this:
  • Cash in wallet attracts more cash
  • Credit cards in wallet attracts more debt

Try doing your own experiment also. If possible tell us about your result using the comment box below.

Update 1: Sorry about the delay. I am doing masters in eastern bay area of California. My house is in Sacramento. So I had to do a lot of driving last 6 months for which I hardly had time for anything else. But it did show me things that probably I could not have discovered with an experiment of two months. Last 6 months, things happened naturally. The circumstances crippled me in most areas of my life, but did teach me lessons that will prove to be valuable for the readers of this article. However, due to restrictions set by lord Google, I have to keep some parts of my story hidden. Last October my Capital One credit card expired. They sent me a new one, but to my previous address. It was not forwarded to my new address and I did not have time to call the customer representatives about this. Wells Fargo, however, willingly gave me one of their credit cards as token for my "studentship". I did not activate it. It sat in my closet. Because of long highway journeys, ATM card  cash seemed the best. I always had fear of my car breaking down. I conjured up being helpless without cash. You might have trouble believing, but in some Californian stores run by Asians credit cards are not accepted at all. So I had to keep cash in my wallet. Sometimes the amount went above $200. I had no expectation to double it. I had no time to think about income at all. I was a new grad student, very much under pressure about good grades. They actually kick out those who get B-. It struck me bad for which I forgot about everything to concentrate on school. Strangely, around this time, my income started to go higher. Because of the worries about school work, I could not enjoy it. I saw the amount, but treated it like "whatever". Now my credit cards are back in my wallet and I do't carry much cash. Freaky consequence of this is my income decreasing. This is still not very convincing to me. Hence, wait for another update. This time I will once again fill up my wallet with cash and remove the credit cards. I know it all sounds silly, but sometimes even in most profound silliness smart move is found.

Update 2: Yes it seems to be true. But the strangest thing I notice in this experiment is that the money actually comes from other directions and it has nothing to do with the credit card break. Just because I stopped using it did not mean I never had any bills. Sure I paid them, but at the same time, there was increase in my finance. 

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