Guide to Venus in Aries Men and Women

Mars is the planet of war and impulsive actions. Fire element is no different. It represents living in the moment, ferocity and zest for life. Both of them represent the essence of Aries. Hence, Venus the planet of love, entering this sign has to make a point to compromise with them. This is not effortless. The carriers of Venus in Aries, thus, are forced to feel the heat in their love and relationships.

Friendship is never a problem. Venus in Aries is cheerful, funny and knows how to party. The position is used to being around people. Consequently, the carriers will never have to worry about making friends. 

Romantically, both the men and women have high level of confidence, but will often have to deal with frequent infatuations with different people. Since Aries is all about actions, sometimes they will not be able to keep such infatuations locked up in the closet too long. This is one reason why they face trouble in love and relationships. Another would be their bluntness. The placement makes the carriers powerfully transparent. Not a bit of bitterness is ever hidden. Consequently, their partners tend to feel a mix of love and hate emotions for them.

Venus in Aries Man
A very unique feature this man has is his urge to be the first in everything related to relationships, for he sees the world like a competition ground. Besides, he has strong aversion to failure. In the game of dating, he wants to be the first to approach and first to profess love. In the relationship, he wants to dictate how it should go. As for breakup, this is something that must be initiated by him only. He hates the idea of getting dumped. This equates to failure after all.

What type of partner does he like to have? The answer to this will confuse many. She must be challenging enough to maintain his curiosity, interest and urge to conquer. She must be independent and have ideas for heated discussion. Physically strong women are more desirable. He does not mind if she dresses sexy or prefers manly outfits. However, anyone who gives in too easily is unattractive in his eyes. Consequently, interest fades.  

This is what complicates things for the young Venus in Aries male all the more. He has trouble thinking about the stable nature of relationships. Sure he dreams of being a good lover and husband, but his immediate mind can focus only the first stage of the relationship. Most often he will start one thinking that th initial stage will last forever. When the relationship starts to warm up he realizes that this is not the case. Thus, his mind begins to wander off. Initially, he will not see this as a crime. In fact, he will come up with many reasons to explain why he truly started looking at other women. The blame will be comfortably placed on the shoulder of his partner. In shortcut, it was her fault. The issue here is that Venus in Aries does not always think positively about partner and has a habit of taking things personally. This contradicts with his urge to be with a carefree challenging partner who knows how to debate. Hence, it does not take much time for him to turn into a heartbreaker going from one woman to another. This is also tied to the infatuation dilemma described above. 

But the mind at one point does begin to switch to home and family. Age factor plays an important role in this. When maturity finally catches up, Venus-Arien reflects on his past actions and learns to value and stick to commitment more eagerly and respectfully. Yet do note that in the marriage, he does need all the spices.

Venus in Aries Woman
She is one of the boldest and briskest women you will ever find in the universe. She has thirst for thrills and can be found busy in competitions against her female friends. She does not intend to make enemies and her matches are rather friendly. Some women still despise her. Competition is not the factor here though. Their hate grows from her urge and success to be the center of attention while her mind forgets to pay attention to those who helped her once or are naturally introverted. This causes a feeling of being left out. Women usually cannot stand this in the friend circle.

Despite the fact that shyness is not her dictionary, Venus in Aries woman does not restrain herself from forwarding her hand to the pigeon cooing message of love. She knows the value of romantic opportunities and that God helps those who help themselves. Accordingly, when someone steals her heart this lady does not shy away from flirting with him openly and seductively. It does scare away a few, but never fails to leave a lasting impression on her admirers. It makes her addictive. Even men who call themselves just her friends experience this addiction.  However, the rule of flirting is not a gift that she is blessed with. She learns to make it her own through mistakes and corrections. At young age, she is more impulsive about her infatuation. Hence, her feelings leak readily, leaving some pain and lessons along the way. Still she manages to get along with young boys much better than other female kids. With desires fading too quickly, she may end her relationships even before the first anniversaries. Boyfriends may come and go. This certainly makes her more confident in her courting ability at adulthood and also sharpens her knowledge about the type of man most suitable for her in marriage. Her desire revolves around those who are well built, naturally extroverted, socially acceptable and straightforward in conversation. But what is love without challenge? Do not assume this to be someone too closed off. That is a big turn off for this specific lady. Instead he is someone who has all the qualities described earlier plus has a tendency to wear a nature of playing hard to get while leaving many women bewitched. The idea of working courageously to win this trophy man is more meaningful to her. Doubts about whether he will wander away can go to hell. Keeping him faithful through specific actions is more fun and stimulating than simply thinking about the future. Jealousy may pop up here and there. But she knows how to clean it up with her wrath. 

In relationships, this lady likes to be the dominant character. She has certain expectations that her mate must meet. Failure would mean surrendering to her world renowned arguments. At young age, the disappointment may force her to continuously break up and make up with the same man. But as age catches up, she moulds herself into a more tolerant person.

Is she faithful? As mentioned before, Aries compels its carriers to experience fast infatuations. Even in relationship, this is not avoidable. However, the Venus in Aries woman has a unique belief about cheating. According to her, when it becomes too important to be with the third person, one must break up with the current partner and then head to the new relationship. She believes this is how cheating is avoided. It is all about the major physical step. Being too accustomed to frequent infatuations, she does not consider emotional connections to be any form of rule violation in relationships. Neither is flirting with other men. Her partner, however, is not allowed to exercise the same with other women.  

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