Guide to Venus in Aquarius Men and Women

Ruled by Uranus and air element, Aquarius is all about bewilderment, verbal communication, universal friendship, erratic movements, and freedom. Venus is the planet of love. The marriage of Aquarius and this planet, therefore, creates a lover who wants a relationship dotted with all kinds of excitements.

In love, they do not want the same romance every day, for in their mind, predictability is a big turn off. Aquarian heart tends to have scattered desires. As a result, it’s common for the carriers to have crushes here and there.  It is something they cannot help. But if they are in a serious relationship and value the partner immensely, they will keep their desires under control. It’s simply because of the sign’s fixed nature. The woman tends to feel it more often. The reasons are discussed her section below.

Universal brotherly love in their mind always prevails. Never be surprised to see them actively participating in nonprofit organization to help the poor.  Additionally, for being very open, these people tend to have friends from all walks of life. But romantically, the men and women are fairly different. They do not have the same attraction and needs in love.

Venus in Aquarius Man

This man is least interested in dictating how a woman should be. He does not make a shopping list. However, he is attracted to the one who appears most different than those in the crowd. His dream lover is individualistic; a critical thinker little detached and has interest in all sorts of topics to keep him engaged. Romantically, she must be kinky, but should not go overboard with it. As mentioned above, seeing or experiencing same romantic things again and again is boring to Venus in Aquarius. The man, especially, tends to struggle with it a lot more than the woman.

Traditionally, he is labeled as unromantic or detached. Women expecting him to always show up at the door with flowers will always find themselves disappointed. Honestly speaking, he is not the mushy type. Do not still think he is a bad guy. Once in a while he does not mind showing his romantic side, but it will be wrong to expect him to be always like this. There are basically two things missing in him and they are intuition and casual feelings. This is one reason why he is not always responsive to the feelings of his partner. Just try telling him that you are sad or ill. His reply probably to it will be “oh okay” and then he will carry on with his own topics.

The urge to stay awakened is a feature that his heart has. This works in two different ways. When the man gets attracted to a detached woman his heart suddenly gets awakened to win her heart. In this situation, he turns into a lover boy, willing to do anything to woo her. If she succeeds in staying detached even in the relationship, he will take a long time to shed his romantic self.

What happens when the relationship turns tedious? We all know by now that this gets him to hibernate. Only when the disappointed lover breaks off, his heart comes out of this mode. it can actually take a long time for a Venus in Aquarius man to get out of the lake of love sorrow.

This guy often is tagged as cheater and commitment phobic. Point to note is that there is an exception in this. If he is brought up in a traditional family environment, he will neither be a cheater nor commitment phobic. In a situation like this, he will be clueless about how to approach a woman. Because of this, he may go years without any relationship.  The family environment works to keep his confidence level lower. So once he finally gets a lady to settle down with, he will not stray.

But ever heard of the line “absolute power corrupts”? This is quite in tune with a Venus in Aquarius man who has full freedom in his life. If he fails to find his dream lover, he will not hesitate to jump from one woman to another.  In marriage, it is less likely for him to cheat. Once again, it has more to do with his fixed sign.

Venus in Aquarius Woman

She is a social butterfly, always very chit chatty. It is very likely for her to find a romantic partner in her friend circle. Do note that Aquarius does not just have connection with communication, but also with technology. So the lady may also have great luck in finding a partner through Internet or phone.
Romantically, she is not intensely detached like the man we just discussed above. Yes, at young age, she fights to defend her space, but as maturity catches up, she begins to understand how to manage the traditional aspects of relationships. At this stage, she opens herself to love better. Still do not think she tolerates clinginess and intense emotions. Sensitivity tends to freak her out. And because of this, she may have aversion to men who become too fragile in love.

Her dream lover is rough and tough. He does not get swayed by emotions. He is independent enough to solve his own issues and does not depend on the relationship to run his life. He is ready to be treated like a friend among friends, but can capture her attention with great humor and wit. He is social and has no problem with group dates.

Earlier it is mentioned that Aquarian Venus believes highly in universal brotherly love. This has strong connection to the history of romantic relationships of the female carrier. She does not like holding grudge. She believes in forgiving and forgetting. So her partner has to accept the fact that some of her ex’s are her good friends.

Generally, just like most women, this lady has no problem longing for relationships. Recall that the placement tends to experience infatuation more often. The lady may fall temporarily and secretly for any guy, but she will not approach anyone unless she is completely sure that they have some kind of potential. Her heart is truly skilled at weighing right and wrong which helps her understand a person without letting the feelings blind her.

She enters the relationship with an easy going personality. She does not want her partner to please her by sacrificing some parts of his personality, for she believes highly in individualism. However, if her partner mistakes it for something else like a ticket to do and say whatever he wants, he may become the victim of her severe wrath and harsh judgments. It is true that she is impersonal, but this does not mean she does not understand that a relationship must involve only two people. The notion of individualism that she believes in has deep connection with fairness and honesty. What this means is that she wants total loyalty and truthfulness in her relationship.

Does she cheat? Thanks to the masculine nature of Aquarius, she is pretty good at understanding the difference between lust and love. As a matter of fact, according to her viewpoint, feelings should be given only to a partner in an exclusive relationship. But sex is both mental and physical. Therefore, even when in a relationship, the lady will fancy other men sexually. She does not think such temporary thoughts hurt the relationship. After all, she is not physically doing anything with them. But yes, it is possible for her to cross the line provided she is treated very harshly in her relationship or she is not getting anything out of it.

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