Guide to Venus in Capricorn Men and Women

The meeting of Venus and Capricorn is all about the practicality and seriousness. It sees chasing the unknown absurd and waste of precious time. Yet do not think that Venus in Capricorn does not take risk at all. Capricorn is an earthly cardinal sign and that makes it a smart initiator. What this means is that they take risks in familiar environment and that is also only if they promise something of value.

This Venus sign longs for lifelong friendship, but mainly with serious types. It usually has very less tolerance towards aggressive, irresponsible and carefree people. Still its earthly nature does not mind giving them a chance. In love, the men and women have different tastes. Thus, their love styles are provided here separately.

Venus in Capricorn Man

This man is very particular about what he wants in a relationship. He is serious about love, typically seeking a partner loaded with the qualities of a traditional wife. But hey, this is just his one general demand. His type of woman must have her own things going on because he cannot always give time to love. He has a career to focus on, after all. That is why, according to his next demands, she should be mature, well learned and above all, must be able to take care of herself independently. Also she should have the urge to provide security in love and must maintain her social status. As long as his demands are met, he has no problem ignoring other features that his lady love might think as her or relationship’s weaknesses. Some examples include age difference, character flaws and family problems. But yes, he frowns upon needy, talkative, aggressive and unpredictable women. But this does not mean he will not end up with one!

When he likes a woman, he will give her extra attention to get to know her well. However, his kind of flirting can be confusing to many women. He will never use a cheap pickup line. He will never be sexual. His idea of flirting involves showing off his resume and best personality traits. He thinks these things make him look like a perfect catch. In between, he will shoot a series of questions at his love interest too. The mission here is to know whether she can fulfill his relationship requirements. He will also observe her behavior and dressing sense.

Does he cheat in relationships? In general, Capricorn is one sign that is less likely to cheat. The term itself is suffocating to the man. Time is too precious to him for which one woman is enough in his life. But if he is young and caught in a bad relationship watch out for lies. For a Venus in Capricorn, it is difficult to get out of love. To some extent, it ends up making the carrier passive and sensitive to the needs of the partner. Sometimes this compels the young male carrier to continue a bad relationship and this is where the lies come into existence. He will definitely look for a way out, but at the same time he will say stuff or give false promise to his partner just to please her.

Venus in Capricorn Woman

Just like her male counterpart, she is conservative about relationships. Her type of man is someone who knows what he wants in life. He is serious about his education and profession. Her attraction is deeper for those who are self made and disciplined. But yes, looks do matter to her. The one she wants to be with must be handsome in her eyes and should also dress appropriately.  In short, her dream man must have all the qualities capable of keeping up her good image in her friend circle and security at home.

It takes some time for love to come in her life, for at young age, majority of the men are not compatible with her requirements. Also she does not open up romantically in front of those who she does not trust. She is okay with men flirting with her, but the praises being thrown at her must not be sexual and fake. Men may complain that she plays hard to get. But no, this is not her mission. She actually becomes unavailable to men she wants out of her way.

When she truly likes someone she will give him attention, testing him here and there to know whether he will be suitable for her. She does not fear initiating a relationship provided that her love interest is shy, but has given her the signal that he likes her.

In love, this woman is very traditional. Even as a girlfriend, she wants to fulfill her duty towards her partner like a wife. She wants to make sure that he is comfortable. Sadly, this is mistakenly interpreted as domination by immature young men.  As a result, Venus in Capricorn women go through a lot of relationship hurdles at young age which often end up affecting their self confidence and even other areas of their lives.

Can a woman with Venus sign cheat? Not really because she cannot have romantic feelings for two men at the same time.

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