Nine of Swords in Love and Relationships

Description: The mind is too taken by worries and sorrow.

Upright Nine of Swords represents every negative feeling that you can think about. Basically, that is why, if the tarot card appears as the outcome in a tarot reading related to a new relationship you should proceed with caution. In details, Nine of Swords represents a relationship which is filled with so many issues that the two lovers just get extremely depressed with it. At one point, it even takes away their sleep.

Next, if the Nine of Swords appears in a reading related to the aftermath of your breakup it implies that you will be not only wrapped up in sadness, but also will keep wondering as to what your ex is up to. Analyze your situation carefully and if you are too depressed seek psychiatric assistance.

Now, if your partner deliberately leaves you and after some days in a reading you receive Nine of Swords as his feelings towards you then it signals that he is feeling very guilty about what he has done with you. He wishes he could make things better again. Now if this tarot card appears as your feeling in the same case then it tells that you are feeling cheated by him.

Never wish the Nine of Swords to represent the feelings of your love interest. This is because there is zero amount of romantic thought attached to this tarot card. So what does it say about his feelings towards you? Nothing good really! He is so disappointed by you that he feels stressed to even think about you.

Reversed Nine of Swords does not have anything too happy to deliver either. Only good news is that the relationship represented by it will have moderate issues and thus, it will be less frustrating. In a case related the aftermath of a breakup, the reversed Nine of Swords shows the return of willpower which kills the sadness and allows moving on process easier. In the same way, for feelings, it says that the dawn is near. That is, your love interest is making at attempt neutralize the disappointment that he has received from you.


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