Strength in Love and Relationships

A princess like lady capable of taming a lion.

At face value, there is not much needed to be told about the general meaning of the Strength card, for its title describes what it wants to say. In love and relationship situations, upright, this card emphasizes that the alliance between the two people has extreme strength provided they are already in a happy relationship.Other times, it is the dawn after a bad argument, whispering that there will be a reconciliation.  What if none of them suits your situation? There are actually some complex elements attached to this card which do not always signal what we just came to know.

Notice the infinity sign floating on the top of the head of the woman. The number of the card is 8, which if rotated in 90 degree angle will turn into that same symbol. Lion, on the other hand, is a wild animal. He can represent a man or all the anger and ignorance we bottle up within ourseleves. The synonyms of the word strength are courage, power, firmness and so on. As confirmed by the symbol on the woman's head, they all are feminine. All of this must be taken into account to interpret the other relationship issues. Look at the two examples given below to understand this:

Abusive relationship: Here the card is telling you to step up. Do something about it. However, the warning sign here is the karmic number 8. Whatever you decide to do will have impact upon your life or situation. The lady in the card is asking you to use a calm approach. Do use your strength, but for the right reasons.

Breakup: It is good to get Strength card after a permanent breakup. It signals elimination of depression and moving on for the better. If you are not experiencing, then the card advices you to start looking after yourself. Let go of all the anger and sad thoughts to make way for Mr. Right.

Feeling-wise, for a man, the woman in this card is his lover who is strong inside and thus has the ability to continue a long term relationship. She is charming and that makes him fall in lust. In brief,  it says, “she has it all”.

The bad news, however, is found in this card’s reversed position. Things in the relationship are not too great. The lovers are not doing anything to make their bond stronger. The woman feels she is staying with an uncaring man. On the contrary, the man thinks his lady love is very annoying. This tarot card reversed in relationship readings should not be taken lightly, for it also signals fierce hatred and ugly arguments.


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