Chariot in Love and Relationships

A Roman soldier is aggressively moving his broken chariot forward.

The Chariot tarot card emphasizes winning and also things done in a hurry without thinking. In love and relationship situation that is why, this card can be either positive or negative depending on how one takes his action. That is, the Chariot upright, talks of anything coming, but what this might be is not completely known But there might be a bit of shock that you will feel while witnessing it.

At the same time, it can mean moving forward with the relationship no matter how bad the situation is. So by now you know that Chariot can be interpreted in many different ways. I am sure it is making you confused. To help you understand the card, I have provided two situations with compatible interpretations of this card.
  • Two lovers do not quite click, but they are still ready to continue the relationship: In a reading about it, the Chariot signals doing things without thinking. Both the lovers wish to rely on willpower to continue.
  • The couple had a bitter breakup and they do not wish to face each other anymore: Here the Chariot talks of them going in opposite directions. They are using all their willpower to move on. Now just imagine one of the partners preferably the female has cooled down and thus makes an attempt to contact the ex. This ex is still quite angry. If Chariot represents him in the next reading then we have something to worry about, for without thinking he will have the tendency to say offensive things to her.
Chariot card actually says very little about true romance. Its main connection is with military. Consequently, in love and relationships, he emphasizes more about blind willpower, unwavering loyalty and of course, offense.

When the Chart tarot card is reversed it implies numbness for the person in question. As for the relationship, it is not going anywhere and thus you are taking a break from it or feeling hopeless about it. I have also seen this card appearing when the two people just do not try hard enough to make the relationship work. In short, they pretend like they are not in it.


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