Hermit in Love and Relationships

Description: A man with his lantern is staring at his path.

Many tarot card readers like to describe Hermit as someone who is reflecting on his life. But I have found this card appearing upright for those who wish to stay or live the life of a single. This card also emphasizes that a date, Mr. Right or Miss Right is not coming  your way anytime soon.

For a real relationship, it means that the two people are now used to each other, but the spark of love and romance is gone. In fact, they might just get the feeling that something is missing between them.

Feeling-wise, if a woman is interested in a man then she is thinking that he is not involved with anyone. Same is true for the man’s feeling about the woman he is attracted to. In short, the Hermit emphasizes, “They must be single” notion.

That notion works in another way for a relationship suffering from trust issues. If you are doing the reading to know whether your partner is cheating on you the appearance of this card signals a big no.

In reversed position, the news is very negative. The relationship no more seems satisfying. Thus, the partners look elsewhere for new relationships.

An interesting point I would like to share here is that if you ask the cards what your lover is up to and a Hermit tarot card reversed shows up it might simply mean that he is sleeping for the time being.


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