Queen of Swords in Love and Relationships

Description: An acute feminine energy is surrounding you.

Upright Queen of Swords is all about the mind and logic. In a relationship situation, it does not herald anything romantic. Yet the appearance of it in the reading reaffirms the girlfriend’s position in her boyfriend’s life. In other words, if Queen of Swords appears in a man’s reading then it means that his mind or life is governed by a woman which can be his girlfriend in a larger than life manner. In short, the tarot card emphasizes, “She is there with him”. Similar description can be given for feelings. When in a reading related to your love interest’s feelings Queen of Swords shows up it sends out the signal that he is definitely thinking about you.

However, in a relationship reading, the Queen of Swords as an outcome does not provide good news. Apparently, the queen we see in this tarot card has taken out her sword to rule. This definitely implies that something is amiss in her environment. After all, female leaders are not known to seek help from dangerous weapons anytime! That is why, you must assume that the Queen of Swords represents you, the girlfriend or wife in the outcome position and it says that in the future an issue will disturb the relationship you have with your partner. It perhaps, will not be dangerous, but somehow it will not be accepted by you. Therefore, you will find yourself trying to express to him about what must be done to solve it. It is more like you will be the captain of the ship.

There is still a negative meaning attached to the Queen of Swords which can be linked to those who find themselves in relationships with commitment phobic men. Under such circumstances, the tarot card implies that they are feeling lonely and depressed in their love lives.

Now in a reversed position, Queen of Swords becomes a nasty witch. At least, feeling wise that is what comes up in the man’s heart. In other words, the reversed Queen of Swords makes him simply think, “I do not like her”. But why? Because you have given the impression that you are either untrustworthy or uncultured. In a relationship situation, this Queen reversed implies that a compromise is not reached between the two lovers. Therefore, they find each other annoying and complicated.


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