King of Swords in Love and Relationships

Description: Weighing pros and cons.

Upright King of Swords is all about being critical. In a relationships situation, this means that one partner is trying to analyze the other one a little bit too much. In some cases, they might also find themselves asking whether the relationship itself is good or bad for them. In another situation, the King of Swords can just represent a time when the two partners talk to each other of where they stand in the relationship.

King of Swords usually represents the male partner in the relationship. Under such circumstances, he might come off as too critical of his sweetheart. It is also possible for him to be so controlling that at one point he might end up looking unromantic. In many cases, King of Swords can show that he rules the heart of his partner all day long. In other words, if you think too much about your lover he will show up in the reading as this card.

Many tarot readers like to emphasize that King of Swords is linked to the Zodiac sign, Libra. Unfortunately, this is not true. How is it possible? Because Libra is associated with the diplomatic King of Cups! King of Swords is actually associated with Aquarius and Capricorn. So in soul mate reading, the appearance of this tarot card says that your ultimate man is going to be from the sign of Aquarius or Capricorn. Otherwise, he will be mainly governed by the Aquarian or Capricornian placement he will have somewhere in his natal chart. Good news is that when he will finally appear in your life he will see you as a wise investment.

For feelings, King of Swords represents critical thinking again. Your love interest does not believe in love at first sight. In fact, he falls in loves from his head and not from his heart. Therefore, he will show interest in you only if you invite him to get to know yourself a little better. But usually, King of Swords in situations of feelings does not signal anything romantic.

In reversed position, King of Swords turns into a villain. He is now overly critical and thus it is possible to assume that he is really crossing the boundary. In a relationship situation, this heralds a time for nasty arguments. If not an argument then the reversed King of Swords represents a controlling behavior that is taken to an extreme level. Thus, the relationship gets too suffocating. For feelings again, in reversed position, the tarot card asks you to just keep away from your love interest, for love and romance mean nothing to him. Thus, he has no interest in having romantic feelings for anyone at all.


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