Knight of Swords in Love and Relationships

Description: There is boldness in the air.

Knight of Swords upright emphasizes speeding up to get things done. In a relationship situation, they can be connected to the goals that the two lovers have their eyes on. Typically, the tarot card shows a knight going on his quest with the sword in his hand. So characteristically, this means that the two lovers will not have fear of any danger. They just have the right amount of willpower and love in their hearts and thus, they will be successful in their undertaking.

A point to mention here is that the knights are traditionally fighters and especially in this tarot card he is on the verge of fighting for a cause that he thinks is right. So realistically, he can represent a tough time in a relationships. In details, the Knight of Swords can show a time when the two lovers might find themselves in a battle where they both want to prove to each other that their respective viewpoints are right. They also have an urge to cause defeat in each other, but in a little soft way.

For feelings, Knight of Swords can have two meanings. According to the first one, if your love interest has not noticed or flirted with you he is not at all interested in you. However, if he has tried giving you proper attention then basically he does have romantic thoughts about you. But be aware, for according to the second one, he is done thinking about you. In other words, he has liked you, but since he is too confident of himself he knows that he can get any lady he wants. Thus, he is done admiring your fine qualities and now he is on the verge of chasing someone new. It is just that he lives in the moment. He has no time for those who are not in front of his eyes.

Now in reversed position, Knight of Swords talks of a total waste of power. The two lovers find themselves caught off guard by risk factors and that is why, they decide not to move forward to achieve their goals. There is actually a lot of negativity in the reversed Knight of Swords. So in an argument, the two lovers might find themselves cursing and yelling at each other to prove their respective points. Otherwise, because of the fear, one of them might quickly surrender.

In the case of feelings also, reversed Knight of Swords is a bad news. Forget about positive thoughts, your love interest does not even want to see your face because he is too disappointed by you. You really do not even want to start a conversation with this man, for he might take it as a chance to insult you. If you are still interested in this man wait a few days. As mentioned before, he is driven by the element air. So it is possible for a change to take place in his mind about you. Only thing is that it will not happen immediately.


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