Page of Swords in Love and Relationships

Description: You are in a journey to find out what is right.

Page of Swords can be either a good or bad omen in a given situation.  Unfortunately, this tarot card does not completely herald anything romantic, for it emphasizes working with judgment. In a relationship situation, this might simply show curiosity in the two lovers. In other words, they might find themselves indulging in a conversation that allows both of them to get to know each other better. However, it is possible for this conversation to not go too well, for it consists of too many questions and among them are those that are quite uncomfortable or suffocating in nature. Apart from this, if a husband comes home late at night and the wife asks him constantly about why he got so late she shows the sign of Page of Swords in her personality. In her mind, she is confirmed that he went to a forbidden place, but her mission is to hear it from his mouth. That is why, we can assume that the right keyword for Page of Swords is interrogation. Page of Swords can also represent a time in a relationship when one lover hurts the other one by revealing a very harsh truth. In short, the tarot card signals that there is dispute ahead!

In readings related to feelings of a love interest, the appearance of Page of Swords signal that he might like you, but he is more interested in going for what he thinks will be more practical. So you will not see him making a move on you easily. It is just he has too many things going in his mind. He thinks that his approach might make him look like an object of humiliation to you or he is just a passive man.

Reversed Page of Swords talks of the blockage. In a relationship situation, this might mean ignoring critical questions and facts. In details, the two lovers are not giving much priority to getting to know each other. So the relationship suffers from a lack of understanding and direction. Yet Page of Swords reversed can show a flow of conversation between the two lovers, but it really is full of shallow topics! For feelings, this tarot card in reversed position signals confusion. That is, your love interest is too foolish to even figure out whether he likes you or not.


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