The Emperor in Love and Relationships

Description: The man who rules your life!


The Emperor in this tarot card often is interpreted as the head of the house. Many readers, that is why, call him the father figure or someone who likes to lay down the laws. That seems somewhat complicated in a relationship situation. Worry not! In a relationship reading the arrival of this card is a good sign. This is because this Emperor emphasizes the word “here”. What this means is that the male partner is not going anywhere. He is continuing to be in the relationship with his lover in a supportive and caring manner.

As a matter of fact, even if you are casually dating someone and wondering whether he will ask you out again the appearance of the Emperor tarot card signals a big yes!

Yet it must be noted that the Emperor tarot card is about man's control. So the question of whether your date will turn into a relationship depends on highly your love interest's decisions and not yours.

Are you dealing with conspiracy being plotted against your relationship? If you ask the cards who is behind it the appearance of this Emperor screams ITS A BIG FISH! Possible characteristics are given below to help you identify the person:
  • An older man (father, uncle, big brother, etc)
  • Someone from the armed forces
  • Influential
  • So bold and hot headed that people are usually scared of him
  • Someone whose zodiac sign is Aries
In reversal position, the Emperor card implies that the partner is irresponsible in the relationship. As a matter of fact, he is the type of man who stays one day, disappears the next day and then again show up after a while. He might also have a tendency to lose his temper every now and then. So the relationship with him becomes on and off. Additionally, the reversed Emperor heralds chaotic time. Either you or your partner goes through unusual thoughts about the relationship and often end up doing abnormal things. In short, this tarot card tells that one of you is turning into a psycho.


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