The Hierophant in Love and Relationships

Tradition of the society is being obeyed.

The Hierophant card has multiple meanings, but they are usually linked to all that is traditional. It is the same, but with a twist! In majority of the cases, I have seen this card appearing for mutual agreements.  For instance, if a lady tells a man that she would like to be his friend and not a girlfriend and he seems to be fine with it then it gives birth to the upright Hierophant card effect.

What is happening here is that both the people are creating their own tradition. Same is true when two people agree with each other to become boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife. What is more fascinating about this card is that it also talks about sexual intercourse taking place between two people even if they are not in a relationship. Tradition is the key here. That is, in a society it is a norm for sexual intercourse to take place between a husband and wife. Therefore, when two people go for sex with no strings attached the Hierophant signals that they are going to be doing a ritual of a married couple.  In short, the Hierophant tarot card signals a decision which is followed by the two people without being judgmental about it.

In reversal position, the tradition is broken. Two people do not see eye to eye and thus no mutual agreement is taking place. In a relationship situation, the partners go into an argumentative mode because they do not understand each other’s point of view.  In short, in reversed position it emphasizes, “I am right and you are wrong” notion.


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