Ace of Swords in Love and Relationships

Description: Concentrating what is in your mind.


Ace of Swords upright has the keywords are concentration, willpower and being winner. Now put them together for a relationship situation and you will find it turning into the last stage of a video game. In other words, the relationship is suffering because of some issues. But the appearance of Ace of Swords confirms that there is enough will power within the two lovers. Consequently, they will be able to overcome them. Yet a contradicting result might come into existence if the two lovers feel that their issues are unsolvable. Under such circumstances, they might decide to go their separate ways. Whatever the result is, one thing is certain and that is, both lovers will be at a win-win situation.

Interestingly, Ace of Swords can also point out that there is an atmosphere of dictatorship within the relationship. One of the lovers is too blunt, selfish and controlling. Consequently, their other half is frustrated. In some cases, the tarot card can imply that the two lovers enjoy debating with each other.

In love readings, however, Ace of Swords shows good news. This is because for feelings, this tarot card represents an infatuation. That is, your love interest has a crush on you. Does this mean he will make a move? To know its answer, you really have to look at the surrounding cards, for Ace of Swords in most cases, emphasizes thoughts. Yet it must be noted that your love interest is completely sure of his feelings towards you.

Reversed Ace of Swords represents confusing thoughts and fading of willpower. The two lovers cannot understand how they should solve their issues. So their relationship turns extremely frustrating. In extreme cases, the tarot card can imply infidelity and exploitation coming from one of the lovers. Apparently, multiple meanings can come out of reversed Ace of Swords. So it is possible to go for the shortcut which emphasizes that your relationship is in danger. As for the feelings of your love interest, they are just not there, for he has not concentrated on you at all. Otherwise, he is totally confused his feelings.


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