Two of Swords in Love and Relationships

Description: You are ignoring your true feelings.

The right keyword for the upright Two of Swords tarot card is ignorance. In a relationship situation, it implies that the facts are right in front of the two lovers, but they are intentionally pretending to not see them. Now you have to be careful in understanding in how you interpret these facts. Consider the red flags you have in the relationship. Are you sure they are not such a big deal for you? Think twice. If you cannot still see them then it can be because of the intense love you have for your partner. Yes, you are so crazy about him that you are failing to see if any way the relationship is hurting you psychologically. Basically, that is what Two of Swords sums up.

If you still have not understood the meaning of Two of Swords then lets look at an example. Imagine that a hunk approaches you. He asks you out on a date and you simply say yes. During the date session, you find out that many female passers by give him seductive looks which he wholeheartedly accepts with a seductive smile. This allows you to understand that this man is somewhat of a player, but he is so cute that you tell yourself that you are ready to forget about what he is doing and continue to date him anyway. By doing this, you are basically representing the Two of Swords features.

Additionally, Two of Swords can appear for a person who is refusing to say that he loves or likes you. The truth is that deep down inside he feels for you, but he just does not wish to let it rule his heart. Interestingly, Two of Swords can often pop up in readings of lovers who went through a breakup. A year ago, I did a reading for a girl whose boyfriend broke up with her on the phone all of a sudden. They were a happy couple. It is just that he got jealous of the fact that she became the apple of his parents’ eyes. Coming back to the reading, when I asked the tarot cards as to what he was feeling towards her the Two of Swords showed up. The card basically implied to us that the guy was so taken by all the negativity and self-love that he was telling himself that he did not want her anymore. But somehow the pain of the breakup was piercing him. Now a point to be noted is that swords are governed by the air element which is instable in nature. So the kind of thoughts that Two of Swords create are taken as variable. Perhaps, that is why, my client’s boyfriend after two months renewed his relationship with her!

In reversed position, Two of Swords talks of bringing the pain to the surface. In a relationship situation, you just have had enough. So you can no longer go forward without doing the ultimate talk with your partner about what is bothering you in the relationship. Unfortunately, this might lead to some yelling and screaming! That is why, many tarot card readers see Two of Swords as symbol of argument.

In love readings, Two of Swords reversed, implies that your love interest has come in touch with his true feelings for you. For a post breakup situation, it shows fading of all negative elements from the mind. In other words, hurtful feelings are gone. So it is possible for the lover to revive the past relationship or simply start moving on towards another direction.


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