Three of Swords in Love and Relationships

Description: You are suffering from pain.

Upright Three of Swords tarot card talks of pain. Did you argue with your lover? If yes then of course, some of your harsh words have hurt him and basically this is what three of Swords shows. In some cases, however, the tarot card can represent the pain that comes from three directions. While one comes from the past, the other two are current. Perhaps, your lover is thinking about the painful things he experienced in his past relationship. Meanwhile, he is also hurting from the relationship that he shares with you. Now they both are controlled by his own brain. So somehow he himself is responsible for all the pain he is feeling. Basically, because of this, we can say that three things are responsible for his sorrow.

Interestingly, Three of Swords can also show a painful love triangle. But point to be noted is that it does not always involve unfaithfulness, for the tarot card is now extracting what he is in his mind. So what do you think is happening here? He is thinking that he likes the other girl, but he also has feelings for you and so he simply does not know what to do. In simple words, he is just stabbing his heart with the three swords. This can also be highlighted in a reading where Three of Swords represents the feelings of a love interest. Under such circumstances, it is possible for him to like you, but he also has someone else in his mind. The problem is that he does not know who to pick. Other times, the Three of Swords simply tells that the man really is not thinking about you because he  does not have time for love and relationships. In short, he is busy with other things in his life.

Now good news is that Three of Swords does not always show sorrow related to arguments. Sometimes it just represents a painful waiting period. Perhaps, you get to see your lover only on weekends while on weekdays you miss him a lot. Now this missing point of weekdays is the emphasis of the Three of Swords. In some extreme cases, this tarot card can show a breakup, but it is rather temporary in nature.

Reversed Three of Swords shows a healing time. Your lover is getting out of the pain caused by you or the love triangle. So his happy days are near. Bad news is that the pain will take some time to leave. It is just that he is now better equipped at handling the problem.  For the feelings of your love interest, reversed Three of Swords represents his ability to understand slightly as to who he should go for. Otherwise, one of the two options is no more there.


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