Wheel of Fortune in Love and Relationships

Description: Destiny unfolding.

Wheel of fortune is sometimes taken as a complicated tarot card, for it basically emphasizes “anything can happen”. This is true even in the situations of love and relationship. Look at the word “fortune”. What does that mean?  Luck and wealth.

So if you have eyes on someone the appearance of this tarot card in a reading about them simply reveals that something will happen between you and them and that is also in a very shocking manner. In short, luck is with you and so you do not need to worry. In a reading about a relationship, Wheel of fortune tarot card tells you of good things happening or coming up for you.
In reversed position, this tarot card is negative in nature because the devil and the monsters which were underneath the wheel before have now come on the top.

As a matter of fact, if you closely look at the card you will see that the snake also is crawling upward. This simply signals that darkness has taken over your love life. So some setbacks should be seen in it or expected.


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