Three of Cups in Love and Relationships

Description: Seeing positive outcome.

Three of Cups tarot card is all about fulfillment taking place in physical state. For relationship situations, this can mean great moments being felt by the lovers. Apparently, Three of Cups can signify a new development in the relationship. Did you two work towards any certain goals? If yes, then the tarot card says that you would definitely reach them. Now this can actually be either positive or negative. For instance, if you have planned on marrying in the future then this is what you are going to get. But if you two planned on breaking up then this is will become the reality. Good news is that somehow you will see it turning into something positive like opening your door for that one soul mate you have been yearning for.

Three of Cups does not have proper connection with love and romance. It actually goes best with friendship. So if you are thinking of just dating then appearance of this tarot card says that you will totally enjoy it and the men will find you attractive. They will just feel that you are a very fun loving person. Yet instead of taking you as a girlfriend, they will ask you to be their friend. In short, this tarot card does not represent a long term relationship.

Reversed Three of Cups is one of the most negative tarot cards, for it represents third person in the relationship or your partner being unstable with you. The keyword that best goes with this tarot card is cheating. Yes, it is possible that he has another lady and if this is not the case then Three of Cups reversed implies that there is hardly any happiness and fun in your relationship and thus, one of you is wondering whether it is best to break up or not. This tarot card in reversed position also heralds that you and your lover will not be able to reach the planned goals.

For casual dating sessions, the Three of Cups reversed signifies absence of the same fun and happiness. It is also possible that your dates have multiple options. But they choose to  start a relationship with none of them. Interestingly, this tarot card reversed can also imply that you will enjoy your date with certain someone, but it is possible that you will never seem him ever again. Also its appearance can signal that you will be not able to go on date anytime soon because you have responsibilities in other areas of your life.


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