Ten of Cups in Love and Relationships

Happiness cannot get better than this.

Ten of Cups talks of great happiness. The power of love and romance embellishes the relationship. The feeling of togetherness is also strong. However, Ten of Cups does not completely herald a committed relationship. So if you are just seeing someone then the tarot card says that you will feel strongly for each other. But the decision about the next level of the relationship will not be made anytime soon.

Another meaning of this card is a date that will be successful. The two people will go to a place where they will forget about all the pain in the world and enjoy with each other like there is no tomorrow.

Ten of cups also represents chasing of what the couple will never get. As we know, rainbow is not ever lasting. A good example of this is friends with benefits. The two people might simply be sharing what we may call as free love.

Feeling wise, Ten of Cups implies that your love interest has fallen for you. As a matter of fact, you are the only one who makes him extremely happy in his life.

Reversed Ten of Cups signals arrogance in the relationship. The happiness can easily be achieved, but you two just cannot see anything eye to eye due to selfish reasons. In short, the imbalance is destroying the relationship. Same can be told for casual dates. You are out of luck. That is why, you are seeing that your dates are not compatible with you. As for feelings, they are intentionally killed by your love interest because he has trouble imagining a happy future with any girls at all.


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