Queen of Cups in Love and Relationship

Description: You are swayed by emotions.

Queen of Cups reflects feelings related to love and fairness. So for a relationship situation, the tarot card represents beautiful balance between the lovers. They are just very much in love with each other and their bond is soft, yet strong.

However, since Queen of Cups is ruled by the water signs, she can also be clairvoyant and insightful in nature. That is why, when you get this tarot card in your reading you have to be careful in how you interpret it. I actually received Queen of Cups as outcome in a relationship reading for a woman who was planning to renew everything with her ex boyfriend. The man was gone and never contacted her again, but one of her friends kept encouraging her to chase him by saying that he was still single because he had feelings for her. In this situation, the Queen of Cups represented her own emotions and not her relationship with the man. It basically implied that she was going to finally understand how it would be impossible for her to get him back and that her friend was not telling her the truth. It was all supposed to come to her intuitively. Interestingly, some weeks later when she contacted me she described that one night before going to bed she was getting the feeling that something was amiss. She began to feel suspicious about her friend and so she ended up calling her ex to know his attitude about their relationship. The result was not good. He rudely told her that he already settled down with someone else and also urged her not to call him ever again. So what do you think happened here? The Queen of Cups was signaling her that her friend wanted her to get insulted by her ex boyfriend. So remember, this tarot card might just ask you to pay attention to information that your sixth sense provides you about your relationship or about others.

Now if you get Queen of Cups in a reading related to the question of how your love interest feels about you then consider yourself lucky and victorious. Yes, you have got him! Apparently, he is in love with you because of your beautiful qualities. Also he would love to have you as his girlfriend.

Reversed Queen of Cups is the bearer of bad news, for it now emphasizes, “It is me and not us”. In other words, there is a rift in the relationship. The two lovers do not like to share everything with each other because they like to maintain their respective independence. But the truth is something else. They are using each other for sex or for any other personal gain and because of this, one of them is actually suffering. Additionally, they are not interested in thinking about the future of the relationship.

Lastly, reversed Queen of Cups can significantly represent you in a reading done regarding your love interest. Here again, the news is not very good. He basically feels that you are a drama queen both at home and in public.


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